Stabbed in the Kidneys. A very interesting past life true Story.

A lady I have known for a very long time came to see me yesterday. She had an old shoulder injury that had been upset several times in her life ..a repeating paradigm and a chain and train of events. I am a trained Phyiotherapist , so asked her to undress and get on the couch., however I was guided to put my hands on her shoulder and listen to her body.  Energy began to flow , we both began to get information of past life events that had occurred where shoulder injuries had been sustained on this left side , the lady was experiencing different pains and a sensation like burning all the way to her wrist.

After a while she said she could feel pain in her left kidney area, I put my hand there . The pain became very intense , she was feeling being stabbed and the knife being twisted , I said to her she had to forgive the person who had done this and therefore cut all the pathways to him or her  as she forgave him there was a shift the pain all subsided. 

She also reported that her spine felt twisted , so I put my hands on occiput and sacrum to enable the spine to unwind.  

We have cellular memory of all the lifetimes when we had problems , also energetic pathways to the events and people and emotions. All of these have to be excised to enable us to move forward.  The lady went home and began housework and clearing …I had to smile when she told me this as so often clearing and energy shifts occur on many levels.

It is not unusual for past life scenes of great pain or import to manifest whilst a healing session is going on as the energies and all associations have to be excised.

Robina Hearle.

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