Take your foot off the gas pedal 

‪Sometimes you have to take your foot off the gas pedal and slow down . The trick is to recognise you need to do this .‬

This is me at the moment , doing too many things , I never learn .It’s so easy to slip into doing mode instead of being mode. 

Time to relax , allow listen deeply  to my body , to my guidance , to nature. A chance to step back a while and allow the universe and my healing guides to do what is on my agenda. Allow in creative thoughts and energy .

I hope this reminds someone to do just that. Yes the trick is to recognise when you need to do this ….suppose some would call this wisdom. If you do not listen to the whispers you cannot ignore the shouts ! 

Wishing you all well , and that you slow down a bit ! 

Robina Hearle   http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com

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