Otherworldly, Psychic Phenomena is on the Increase.

It is being noticed by those that can perceive that we are experiencing , seeing , feeling, participating in Otherworldly phenomena at a rate and intensity not seen in generations and possibly in millennia.
What’s more, more people have had their psychic gifts unlocked than ever before. More people are clairvoyant, clairsentient , channel information , have well formed intuition.

The rise in consciousness and frequency of many as well as the planet is allowing interplay between the dimensions . Most people have had an unusual happening a psychic experience , some will speak of it some will not. 

As we heal the rifts ,lift the curtains , pull away the mists , pour in new energies . The dimensions are being revealed .

The beings of the other dimensions are being acknowledged, believed in , healed, rehabilitated and restored.

From the Nature Spirits to the Fey folk , Angels to the humans and animals on the Astral Plane , great changes are occurring. New information and codes are being downloaded to humanity . The Lightworkers on the planet are creating change. No one will halt this return to our true selves and the return of the correct blueprint for the multi dimensional beings and where they reside.

What experiences have you had, as you speak of them it teaches others what is possible.

Robina Hearle.    www.unfoldingenlightenment.com.   Thank you to Margaret Drane for wonderful picture which she was directed to paint.

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