Hope , there is always Hope people say but is it enough ?

I hear so many times ‘I hope so ‘ . To me you can hope as much as you like but unless you set intention ,emotion and energy behind it you will be still be left in hope until kingdom comes.

It seems only logical to me to go a step beyond hope , and create the possibility of the outcome you wish to see.

Be proactive , you are asking the universe to work for you,  that’s okay but what tools have you employed to help the universe achieve it.  Sometimes you need to sow the seeds or begin the pathways for the outcome you desire .

You begin with the thought about an outcome which you hope will be achieved.  Visualise it firstly , think more about it , set some emotional energy behind it , think of ways it can be achieved , set the intention that this will come about. Do not say yes but …because as soon  as you do this you negate the desire , extinguish it . Do not send the universe mixed messages either . If you want something keep on keeping on for a while , set the scene , and then leave the universe to work .

I wish for this to help you .

Robina Hearle   http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com