If it seems to good to be true , it often is not your truth.

There are many therapies out there offering quick fixes. We find in fact they appear to work wonders. This is because the consciousness the Gestalt is fooled or brainwashed into not being aware anymore . You put it in a fog.

 Is this the right thing to do ? Surely you are just setting up another problem to be solved at a later date.

Your soul is aeons old with many healing issues that need addressing. The spirit of this lifetime has this life and past life problems to solve as well as the ancient soul issues. The spirit of this lifetime resides in a body .

You have a Deva of the body which we find has become corrupted and is unable to function and look after the body as it’s original blueprints plan . You have a Gestalt the consciousness of the body , again this has its working plan which we can often alter through our over riding it.

So as you can see we are complex beings energetically with many sentient parts.

Perhaps it is for you to understand and know inside yourself if a certain path of healing is actually going to cause more problems than solve.

We know it can take years of dedicated unravelling to uncover and transmute the many problems the soul has . It’s a step by step Path. A very interesting one ! 

Robina Hearle. http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com 

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