What is your Body saying to you today? And are you Listening ?

You listen to your body when it shouts . You evacuate your bowels, your bladder on your bodies demand.  You know when to put food or fluid  into your body. Pains tell you something is wrong and aches also. When you are tired you know it’s time to go to sleep.

Your body communicates with you all day , you take this for granted and pay no special attention to the fact it is doing this.

Your body has a consciousness called the Gestalt, together with the Deva of your body makes sure you tick along.  They as I said send you messages all day , how many do you hear other than the shouts ?  We are very wilful and over ride our bodies needs , especially by all the brainwashing of society and our daily habits ,rituals and routines .

Perhaps spend a little more time listening and making a good connection with your Gestalt and co create your existence together.  How ?  Spend a little time each day to go inside and take notice of all the subtle messages.  When you get thoughts about what you are eating …actually does your body want this food , at this time , and this amount ?  We have taken on the three meals a day habit …but sometimes your body just wants a little and often , a grazing.  What does it want to have in the way of fluids . When does your body want rest ?  When does your body want to be put in nature , taking in the sunshine. Does your body need a certain colour today ?  Does your body require some silence and not be bombarded by frequencies , noise sounds that jar. Does it want all the exercise you make it do? Or all the emotional issues that wind up your tissues ? 

So many subtle clues are given to you all day. Take time to listen , discern . Your body is your vehicle , it will run like a Rolls Royce if you pay attention to it.

Listen to the life  force inside you wisely ! 

Robina Hearle  www.unfoldingenlightenment.com