Why would you not go to a Mind Body and Soul Event? 

It’s interesting that many people say MInd Body and Spirit is not for them , I would like to debunk the myth that it’s all hippies , new age and weirdos that turn up at these events .
Our events give you a chance to pamper and treat yourself , see something different , go to an interesting workshop, a Guided Meditation  perhaps , have lovely food , in a tranquil and calming atmosphere.  

Some people are seekers , wanting to know how to help themselves , some are people who have a problem, like you all do and want a solution . Some people are aware there is much more to life than they previously thought who want to learn.

Some people love Crafts and an opportunity to see Artistic products that are not on the High Street.

Ordinary people like you come to our events.
The Mind Body and Soul name means there is something for each part of you , creativity, interest , food , taster treatments and deep healing that encompasses levels you were not aware of. ! It’s Holistic 

There are no cauldrons, spells, magics.  

Be curious and pop into our next event Mind Body & Soul  and Quality Crafts. October 21 , Woodbridge Community Hall. Suffolk . 

 Mind Body and Soul and Quality Crafts.

So please tell me what puts you off ? apart from distance possibly ?

Robina Hearle     http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com 

2 thoughts on “Why would you not go to a Mind Body and Soul Event? 

  1. We regularly attend Mind Body Spirit events here and as you say there are all sorts of things going on. I go for the crystals, but there’s Reiki, massages, past life therapy-all sorts going on. And really nice people too 🙂

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