Do you know yourself ? What do you know about yourself ? 

Do you know yourself ? What do you know about Yourself ?
I saw this recently and it got me thinking . We live much of our lives on automatic pilot , and often do not stop to think about ourselves.

How much do you know yourself ? 

Other people may know many aspects about you that you do not ….which may come as a surprise .

Awarenesses , acknowledgements of self , recognition and light bulb moments are all part of this discovery of self.

What are your daily habits that are so ingrained you do not notice them anymore , stand outside yourself and watch.

What do you think about all the time, obsess about , like about your home or dislike , what do you put up with and switch off about so you do not have to deal with it.

This happened to me a while back when a guide made it clear to me i did not much like many of the rooms in my house , i had not openly acknowledged it to myself.

 Write a list about what you know about yourself perhaps . It is not easy beyond the big things like wife, mother sister and grandmother.
Robina Hearle