Five Children in Spirit came to listen. 

A friend of mine a natural born medium has just begun a new job in the centre of Ipswich . She noticed that the offices were beside an old grave yard.

My friend joined us in Skype for my weekly guided meditation. One of the Guided Meditations was about a walk through a wood and into a clearing of another dimension. Where there were fairy folk, music , dancing and interaction between the particpants and the fey folk. I then closed it by taking them back out of the wood.

My friend reported that five spirit children had appeared and was listening to the story. They were unkept looked starved. One of our frequent jobs as Unfolding Enlightenment Practitioners is to help send earth bound spirit people to the astral plane where they should be. She called for one of our guides , but one little girl said she did not want to go until she had heard the end of the story. She went as i finished that particular guided meditation.

Its a rather nice story to share, we domhave some nice and weird happenings ! Ipswich is an old town with much history , i suspect my friend will pick up more bods nedding help . That was the second one that evening , the first was someone being strangled …not so much fun, but help was needed and received.

Robina Hearle

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