Which of your beliefs have you become brainwashed by ?

We inherit beliefs. Stories become facts and we belive them . Something that has been said in folklore becomes a way of life , superstitions become a way of life .

Men are superior to women , man is in control of nature, science has to prove everything,  if i cannot see it , it does not exist, we have to have a religion , to mention a few.

Religions doctrines which are often thrust upon us , we take on as our truth. We become brainwashed and find it difficult to see a new way or that there is even a possibility of a new way of thinking .

At some point will you ask yourself , what is my truth ? What do I really believe ?  What has been handed down, been a belief of society, politics, fables and folklore and old wives tales ? That i can jettison as they no longer reasonate .

Why is this even important ?  Perhaps it is because we are all growing in awareness, conciousness , exploring ourselves, becoming more mindful in ourselves and in society.  It is a step in your personal and spiritual development to know what you believe and throw out what you do not .

Perhaps set an intention to look and move forward a tad or two ! 

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