Exercising Discernment about the Energies you invite into your energy field 

Exercising discernment about the energies you invite into your energy field Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard 11.8.14

Our message to you today is this: be discerning about the energies you choose to invite to enter and interfere in your energy field.

Be discerning about the ‘truths’ you choose to believe and do not follow like sheep just because everyone else does. Some truths and the energies they contain are truly the path to enlightenment whilst others are the wrong frequency for you and so are confusing to the mind, the deva and the physical body with unseen results. 

We have said this before and now we say it again: beware quick fixes! Beware those inviting and seductive offers which invite you to become instantly enlightened through high frequency energies or the downloading of codes which you are assured will help you take a short cut and become angelic without you yourself having to do anything except listen and download. 

Beware the codes offered to you as downloads purportedly offering you light or healing or advancement from ancient sources or ancient personages in your mythology. The names and links to your history invite you to believe in the veracity and authenticity of their claims. 

Beware off planet energy sources making claims of beaming energy or codes to you to enlighten you!

‘The world is your oyster’ they imply and if you do these things you can be enlightened ‘just like that’ without doing the painstaking work to raise your frequency yourself through healing and clearing the negative energies which you have unwittingly and unwillingly accumulated through many lifetime here and elsewhere. 

Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Well it is, but is it true and is it in your best interests? The answer from us is and always has been ‘No’!!! 

Some more evolved energies purporting to be us or obscure Archangels [or Merlin for example] come through to those who seek and offer these things to the masses via your social media or videos. We tell you in no uncertain terms that we of The Great White Brotherhood do not offer or do this kind of thing. We do not and never have offered anyone such short cuts or quick fixes so it is safe for you to assume that those that do this are not of the Family of White Light or of The Great White Brotherhood.

We say to you that the energies offered to you through these questionable and often bogus entities are very high frequency, often not of this universe and therefore not at all compatible or in harmony with your energies, even if you believe or are told otherwise. 

The short term gain in the form of the immediate ‘feel good factor’ which often follows this kind of energetic interference [the pay-off] does not actually compensate you at all for the long term confusion, damage and corruption which results for the deva, the spiritual body, the mental body, physical body and the soul and that is without the blocks in the higher spiritual chakras that we can see are also installed. 

This kind of damage is cumulative and, like all the other damage accrued at soul level and within the subtle bodies over many lifetimes, it is carried from lifetime to lifetime. It will remain within your energies and gradually filter down to the physical to cause problems of many kinds until it is seen and recognised for what it is…. only then it can be repaired and healed. 

To repair the damage and remove the blocks you would need specialist spirit healing teams who can do this kind of work. 

To access higher truths you need to be at the same frequency as the truths you wish to access [which in some cases is tens, hundreds if not thousands of dimensional frequencies from where you are now]. There is a process to go through to attain the levels you aspire to and part of it is that before you can accept and acknowledge higher truths your higher spiritual chakras have to be reactivated and re-aligned. This however cannot be done out of context otherwise corruption of the spiritual body occurs. In fact none of this can occur until you have cleared and healed yourself on many levels beyond this one and risen in frequency yourself. It is painstaking work and is not instant.

There are no miracle quick fixes and no instant shortcuts and if offered to you they should be viewed with dubiousness and extreme caution!!

Michael thru Sue Stothard 


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