Are your intentions a Help or a Hinderance ?

Help or Hinderance ? 
So many people say ” i just want to help people ” the driving force to serve is very strong. Its a spiritual aspect of yourselves that has never died.

 However its to know the right time to do this . Help can be interference well meant by you but not wanted or needed .
People have their own experiences to follow , they need to flounder, discover for themselves and create alternatives , feel and understand ponder and consider. Think for themselves.
Foisting help as you see it onto others can be unwelcome and an annoyance . All you wanted to do was help , but was it appropriate ? Even if you can see a better way in your terms , or have a radical idea that will create change for that person .

Sometimes your advice causes more problems than the original conundrum, can also be misconstrued as well as your well meaning intention.

It is always better to be asked  is the lesson to be learned . When the impulse comes over you to make a suggestion , think twice ! 

I am guilty of this , i hold my hand up .The trained physio in me comes out ! I am a problem solver. 

Learning restraint ,patience and allowing others to make their way is what i need to do more.

Give people information when asked and allow them to decide what to do and have no investment in the outcome.
Robina Hearle . 

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  1. Its an ongoing lesson for me. I am a problem solver and sometimes without even conscious thought my brain goes to trouble solve or look at options. This served me well as a single parent of three boys holding down at least one job, but now, well its time to step back and wait. Like I said, it is a work in progress 🙂

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