Is your Glass half Full or half Empty 

Is your glass half full or is it half empty? 

The world is strictly divided into those whose cups are half full and those whose cups are half empty.

My philosophy of life includes the cup half full belief. I can and always have been able to see the positive in any situation however dire or disastrous. I can always see the silver lining to the black cloud even if it is enveloping me for a time. My family often tease me about this and say things like ‘Go on find the positives in that!


The cup half full belief means I can always see the possibilities, and I have the belief that there is always a way to do something however impossible it may seem. In fact being told I cannot do something makes me move heaven and earth to do it. I pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and my world opens up. I am not restricted by negativity, my own or other people’s.


If your glass is always half empty your life is much less interesting. You never see the signposts to a better way. You are closed to the possibilities your life could offer you. Your world is narrower, duller, lacking in hope and motivation because you negate immediately any ideas that could be the solutions to problems.

You can train yourself to look for the positives in life so that you begin to focus on them instead. It takes time and awareness and the change is gradual but it alters your whole perspective on life.


The glass half full people are happier, more content and less angry with the world. They do more and get a lot more out of life.


If your glass is half empty all of the time and you don’t want it to be, is it time to change your attitudes and thoughts?


The Thoughtful Sage.      Sue Stothard .

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