Disbelief shatters our Belief , let it not affect you.

There is a so much disbelief in the world. It is a negative energetic force as all thoughts and emotions have energy , disbelief is very powerful.

Disbelief is a very destructive force , we must not let it become so powerful that as soon as it rears its head that its heard as truth.

It shatters our belief crystal,  Disbelief destroys :- our belief in ourselves, belief of our convictions, belief in our abilities, belief in future possibilities, in our creativity , belief in our intuition, belief in our understandings and knowledge especially when so may people do not believe in what we do .

Disbelief has caused great damage to the faerie folk as our powerful disbelief has harmed them greatly , fortunately more and more people relaise there are folk in other dimensions close to ours and more sightings of the faerie folk are being seen in one way or another.

Other peoples disbelief and disdain of your belief cause you to doubt yourself,waver in your convictions. Hold fast , do not listen. Everyone has a right to their thoughts and beliefs, and it is for you to have the choice and sovereignty of yourself. Other peoples opinions should not matter , if they do ask yourself why ? It is okay to go against current thinking , and science does not have all the answers.

Belief is very powerful too. It also rings true in your intuition, you can feel truth.  

Robina Hearle http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com

One thought on “Disbelief shatters our Belief , let it not affect you.

  1. So true and then it takes a while to find your centre and come back again to your beliefs and find the joy they bring


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