Golden Love , the Universal code of conduct ?

Golden Love , the Universal Code of Conduct .
The knights of old had a code of conduct . This code of conduct contains all the virtues . It would be a wonderful thing to revive and promote this once again on this earth plane .

To that end I have a set of essences called Golden Love which will soon be uploaded onto the website ..

 The degradation of how we treat each other and all sentient beings has evolved shamefully to new heights of lack of consideration, cruelty and slavery.

The fast “me me “society and “I want it now ” thinking of materialism and money has distorted our being ness and reality . We have forgotten who and what we are , or have not even asked the question. 

 The return of mindfulness will help us to recognise our behaviour to others is important to promote a harmonious society. 

The code of conduct of the Knights may well be the way forward.
Golden Love Essences 

10 ml bottles .
– [ ] Strengthening and reviving the virtues of the Knight’s code of conduct pathways.


1. Reestablishing the Universal Crystal Code of Conduct. 

 2. Pastel Pink Love Respect                                                                                          

 3. Gold Love honour 

4. Carmine Love chivalry 

5. Primrose Yellow Love. Kindness  

6. Bright Blue Love generosity 

7. Pastel Green Love Service 

8. Light Green Love Courtesy 

9. Bright Green Love Mercy 

10. Blue Love loyalty 

11. Pink Love Gentleness 

12. Pastel Yellow Love Tolerance 

13. Fluffy Pink Love Patience 

14. Pale Green Love Reliability 

15. Pastel Coral Love Thankfulness 

16. Aramanth Pink Love Consideration 

17. Aero Blue Love Reverence 

18. Amazonite Love Trustworthy 

19. Amber Love Truthful 

20. Apple Green Love Caring 

21. Apricot Love Enthusiasm 

22. Tangerine Love Friendliness 

23. Baby Blue Helpful 

24. Green Love steadfastness 

25. Begonia Love Purposeful 

26. Blue Lagoon love. Tactful.
Robina Hearle. Producer of The Rose Cottage Vibrational Essences