Think before you Speak 

Think before you speak.   Words are very powerful.

Words can hurt or heal. Words can be used to comfort, encourage help, support, praise, love and to give sympathy. Words spoken with those intentions behind them make the other person feel good and cared for.

Words can on the other hand be critical, destructive, vicious. They can be filled with negativity, hate, venom, anger, jealousy, spite. Words spoken from the heart filled with those emotions and those intentions create lasting mental and emotional damage to the receiver. They cause wounds in the unseen world and are carried through life and never ever forgotten.

Words whether thought, spoken or written can never be taken back or erased from the mind or heart.

It is a popular idea that it is ok to ‘speak your truth’ to others about things. It is seen as spiritual to do so but it isn’t at all, because blame always enters into it and it just becomes an excuse to say hurtful things under a quasi-spiritual label.

‘Giving someone a piece of your mind’ is just that, you give an unwanted harmful gift of your unpleasant words to another person in the heat of the moment in anger, rage, jealousy, spite, revenge or hatred. The emotions and intentions behind the words, as well as the words themselves are what cause irretrievable harm.

Thoughts full of anger, spite, jealousy, rage, hate and revenge are all as equally harmful and cause the same unseen wounds in mind, heart and body. Words and thoughts can never be lost, unspoken, erased or taken back.

So to avoid doing lasting harm for which you will later have to make recompense, it seems wisest to think about your intentions and the impact of your words before you speak.

I wonder what intentions you had as you spoke to others today and what impact did your words have do you think?

Did they hurt or heal?

The Thoughtful Sage.  Sue Stothard