Is there actually much more but we have become trapped in a half reality ? 

Our lives revolve around money , clothes, food , holidays , cars , gadgets , social media .

We are drawn into the societies we live , their problems, politics , health it is a framework foisted upon us when we are born .
We get lost in our work, striving for more , the Government wanting us to achieve , targets , children to be educated in a manner that provides more money, but does not really teach them about the world properly .

We get lost in our hobbies, books, films, alcohol ,computer games .and much more.

 Are we living in a half reality ? I think so .

Is there more ? Are we being duped and brainwashed to not step outside the parameters of our existence .

People wake up briefly when death and severe illness occur and begin to ask questions of life and its purpose , some keep going some slide back again as the pull of our every days existence we are so use to is so strong. 
Fortunately mindfulness, focus and meditation is helping people to be more aware . 

It is part of the answer , a raise in consciousness is a goal also . Frequency change as we rid ourselves of the weights that hold us back . Keep on going my friends, think and ask questions and have lightbulb moments ! 
Robina Hearle