Dissolving the Energies of a Grudge Essence.

A grudge is like an energetic wound . It can go with you or your family for lifetimes .

It links you to the person holding the grudge, an open pathway which is of no benefit to either .

A grudge will have strong emotions attached to it. 

Blocks or mindsets of deeply held anger, revenge hatred blame, resentment, indignation , hurt, sense of injustice for a third person or persons who “wronged ” you. 

A grudge becomes a toxic energy to drag around. 

Twisted thinking can flourish.   

Feeling sorry for yourself .

People get stuck in the dead end pathway of holding a grudge and live there ! 

The wound is always kept open and festers , the victimhood gives a purpose , a definition, a solidness , a grievance that carries weight.

Sympathy is gained by retelling of the story, there is a gain for the grudge holder.

Sometimes the retelling of the story is not done honestly. 

Perhaps it about gaining compassion and comfort that was denied as a child.

The inner child crying ‘what about me ‘
They cannot get out of it, see a way out or want to. It is a paradigm ,an emotional behaviour pattern , may also be in the family hologram. May be in ancient soul scripts. Immaturity of the emotional body. Not taking responsibility and playing the blame game.
You have to forgive the person for holding the grudge so the energies do not perpetuate through that pathway. Forgive the lack of apology and the owning up to it.

The chain and train of events need to be cut.

Clear the heart area.

The wounding energies are to be dissolved, and the pathways. 

This essence is for the person on the receiving end of a grudge and the person that holds it.
Robina Hearle 

Rose Cottage Vibrational Essences 11.5.2017.

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  1. I found this interesting as I resonated with a few of the points, but couldn’t find a feeling or memory inside of a grudge being held either by me or within my family. I realize that this doesn’t mean that there isn’t one, and wonder if I have resonated with some points, if that points to an underlying grudge somewhere in my psyche.

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