Bringing Relief for the Anguish of the Soul Essence.

There are souls that have great anguish as their journey from source and the intervening aeons have been of great torment. Some souls have been lost , trapped, hybridised, grafted upon , blown up . Energy sucked from them ,and also dismantled , loosing soul pieces. The journeys we find souls have had are heartbreaking to witness .

Sometimes our lives here reflect our soul story of anguish. Time for change now ! 

Anguish that is mental and spiritual , despair , hopelessness , abandonment , grief loss , unbearable suffering , misery desperation , hardship , Deep unhappiness, distress . Agony , pain, remorse ,torment, desolation, heartbreak , heartache , angst .depression wanting to give up.

To remove all of the above feelings that are negative blocks and mindsets and programs / scripts.

To remove the feeling that nothing can be done , that there is hope even after aeons of time . Remove the loss of hope . Begin to feel all the good emotions and know that all will be well.

Remove the block and belief and feelings that nothing can improve .

To bring back the light that has almost been distinguished .

To rejuvenate, to reinstate , to refurbish , to rehabilitate , rebuild.

To know and be confidant that good change can and will occur , abilities will be restored and your soul will become whole once again.    
Be reassured , things will change , there is light at the end of the tunnel , nothing stays the same , you will get through this and things will get better.
Robina Hearle

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  1. This resonated for me, but as I read this my mother came to mind. I need to think about this more, but it was an interesting reaction for me.


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