Clearing your Misperceptions of other People

This is for people who fear the motives of others , perhaps persecution.

For people who are constantly looking for attack or danger in the words or deeds of others , may think there is a conspiracy.

For people who have an unreasonable fear that other people do not like them.

For people who begin to have an irrational mistrust of others because of a distorted view.

For people who are in the blues , who then see the world through a lens of misperception. 

For people who feel powerless, depressed , relinquish activities and isolating oneself. 

For people who have exaggerated self importance, unwarranted jealousy.

For people who begin to have delusions.

The thought processes here have become tangled and unclear.

This may be a family trait.

It is a complex web of negative thought forms , blocks and miasmas with negative energies attached .
To help raise frequency so things become more clear. 

To aide in seeing the truth of a problem and people clearly .

To remove the fear of other people.

To remove the habit and paradigm , blocks , thought forms .

To remove the miasmas from yourself and the family hologram 

To excise the chains and trains of this from all past lives ancient and modern.

To remove all negative energies that are in this mix.

To help in regaining perspective and normal thinking .

For help with rebalancing and harmonising your mental, emotional , psychic and spiritual bodies, repair and rehabilitation.
Robina Hearle 

Rose Cottage Vibrational Essences