The Significance of being here Now 

Yes so much talk about mindfulness , its a huge trend 

What does it mean ?

It is about being fully present in every now moment. 

Can you achieve this ?  

So no wandering into the past , or possibilities and probabilities of the future .

Be here now.

One thing at a time.

It achieves a lot of not wasting energy , not overthinking , not complicating your life, letting go of the fluff and unnecessary in your life .

So the simple tasks in your day to day, slow down enough to be fully present , instead of being on automatic pilot.

Cleaning your teeth , washing your hands, creaming your body , listening to the birds , your breathing .

Eating , daily chores 

Allow yourself to sense, feel smell, hear taste . 

This brings you into your innate power, allows you to be , gives you a sense of expansion and quiet yourselves. Stops distraction , allows you to comprehend whats important. 

Many good physical effects too.

Have a go 

Pick an action and follow it each to week .

Do this for 6 weeks and see how you feel.
Robina Hearle.

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  1. I find 100% minfullness a tough call, I mange to do it well in many of my activities and pursuits, but not totally. Its a work in progress though 🙂

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