Rage today from The Deva of Tomatoes 

My sister had been telling me she had pinched out the side shoots of her tomatoes. Like our father before us and like many gardeners this is a common practise.

I said i do not do that and prefer the plants to be allowed to be the plants that they were intended to be, and to be fair she has done this in the past also.

She said she felt bad , and then her heart began to thump and before we knew it the Over lighting Deva of Tomatoes was making it’s presence felt . This Nature spirit is the collective Consciousness of the Tomato family of plants .

 It was so angry because man has corrupted the Tomato energies , hybridised them , the maltreatment like planting in small containers and pinching out side shoots grafting and plant cycles not properly completed or grown at the wrong time, forcing.

 If you have ever seen a tomato plant in all its glory planted in the proper climate , it is a huge bushy plant.

 The Deva wanted us then to understand it’s ire and pay heed to the the message , that we mistreat the tomato plants under our care .

I will say this goes for most vegetables, flowers and fruit that man has anything to do with! 

 So please think and be aware , that plants have a right to be handled with respect and awareness.

Thank you .
Robina Hearle http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com

4 thoughts on “Rage today from The Deva of Tomatoes 

  1. I had heard this tip from many older gardeners and tried it once or twice, but was never really successful in the snipping of ends on my tomato plants. But after reading this I certainly won’t even try again, my tomato plants this year will be in tact. 🙂

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