Thinking about Thoughts .

Thinking about Thoughts 
Unnecessary thoughts.

Trains of thoughts.

.Associative thoughts taking you down a path then into a whole map.

Constant thoughts 

.Damaging thoughts . 

Painful thoughts taking you down memories lane.

Thoughts that would upset others if you pass them on .

Thoughts that go nowhere and keep you going in circles .

Too much thinking.

Negative thoughts produce bad feelings. 

Positive thoughts produce lovely feelings.

Ideas , creative thoughts.

Planning strategy.

Spiritual exploration thinking.

Destructive thoughts.

Awareness of thoughts , mindfulness .

Watch your thoughts.

Training your thinking.

Intrusion of other peoples thoughts , media , gossip , untruths .

Your thoughts versus other peoples thoughts.

What do you really need to think about ? 

Are you overloading yourself constantly with rubbish ?

You are in charge of your thoughts.
Robina Hearle.  

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  1. Sometimes I am more in touch with my thoughts than others. I try and not dwell on thoughts that aren’t productive like replaying something that happened and the like), which is often when I am walking and when I realize I have these thoughts I intentionally focus my thoughts on the gardens, wildlife, trees, etc. around me and really look at them.

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