Feel your Thoughts in your Body 

Feel your thoughts in your body .
Everything we think , feel or allow to intrude in our minds has a bodily response, this is tension of the tissues somewhere , muscles or in the viscera.

To be able to be aware and feel this you need to go into a mindfulness state and not allow any thoughts in . When thoughts do intrude feel how your body tightens or winds up .

Conversely when you follow a thought feel the emotions of it, you then sigh and the body unwinds and you feel a release.

Some people are very good at perceiving this winding and unwinding . You can train yourself to be aware of it.

Too much intrusion on you of others peoples angst and thinking has a response in your body .

Perhaps always be aware of what you do not need from sources outside of yourself . You have enough to deal with with your own thoughts and emotional responses, which you can clear and heal if you pay attention .

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  1. Trying to learn how to do this. Sometimes I am very aware, others not so much, its a bit of work right now, but worth it I think. Recently I understood very keenly that I had been upset by something and knew not to eat anything and to take a walk to work through the feelings. Before this I had mostly thought about getting something sweet and sticky to stuff down the feelings. Progress and lots of “help”. 🙂

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