What is a Spiritual Calling ?

What is a Spiritual Calling ?

I just read a tweet where a lady saying she was spiritually called to write her book.
What does that mean ?
To me your Spiritual subtle body has the ability to help you evolve your conscious awareness , practice of mindfulness , focus helps you to increase your abilities .
Your Psychic subtle body helps you to evolve psychic abilities such as clairvoyance or clairaudience for instance ,( there are many gifts , I am just naming those two.)
Exercising your brain with mental activities ,reading, puzzles, maths keeps this part of you working well.

I tend to think a Spiritual calling is a misused and misunderstood term.
One that the Church tended to use, and their idea of spirituality is off kilter to me also

Now if she had said an Ascended master or a spirit Guide had nudged her to write a book, that I would understand . It would be a guidance from a spirit being via psychic ability, that may involve the expansion of consciousness and or awareness that is Spiritual information.

Just a thought .