Do you rest Enough ? Most people do not .

You want your body to heal ? Give it the time and rest it deserves.
Had flu , a cold , broken a bone ? Had surgery ?
Your body will heal itself effectively if you give it time, listen to it , rest , water and nutrient rich foods.
So your physical body requires respect and rest .
Well so does your mental and emotional bodies.
Rest your mind. Spend time in silence , slow down , slow your mind down.
Filling your head with trivia and other people's dramas is clutter you do not need. Decluttering your mind rests your mind.
One job at a time , multi tasking is a quick way to very high stress levels .
Look at the habits you have acquired that encourage you to resist resting !
Mindfulness as always is the key.
Sit down more between jobs .
Try not to overload your list of tasks .
Slow down !

Robina Hearle