Who are we ? And what do we do ?

Who are we and what do we do ?
We do not give ourselves labels.
We tend to say we help with many types of problems with the help of the Energy of The White Crystal Light , Spirit Healing teams and The Rose Cottage Flower Essences .
I was pondering this today how the public may wish for a definition to help them to understand what we do.
Unfolding Enlightenment as a therapy is a form of psychotherapy with energetic tools. A Spiritual Psychologist.
You often need energy to shift energy especially if it is deep with in you , long held and part of family holograms , beliefs addictions and obsessions.
We are happy to treat children, teenagers as well as adults.
Unfolding Enlightenment is also a path to self realisation , mindfulness and personal growth. The self awareness of Enlightenment , a spiritual path , this self questioning often brings up unresolved issues from this and past lives.
Please do contact us and tell us your issues or how we can help you explore yourself .


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