Mindfulness Becomes your way of life .

Mindfulness becomes your way of Life .

Once you begin on your journey of becoming mindful it becomes a way of life.
The more you switch your awareness to the Now in everything you do , the easier it becomes .
You could say it is a skill.
It is to be practised every day , like every new skill you teach your brain the pathway.
The pathway becomes a well used road that you are easily able to access.
Begin small , be aware of yourself brushing your teeth, or brushing your hair , do this daily.
Be in the present moment washing up , feeling, seeing hearing smelling on the job in hand.
There are so many small everyday occasions that you can be fully present with
The eventual goal is to be mindful all day , every day.
Do not try to run before you can walk you will get frustrated with yourself.
You can begin to feel yourself pulling yourself back into the present when you have skipped out of it.
Watch and focus on your thinking, discipline yourself not to over think unnecessarily.
Watch your feelings and why they arise.
Feel the quietness and inner peace .
Enjoy your journey.

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