It is All about the Mind and how You use it.

It is all about the mind and how You use it.

To conquer our fears which are thoughts you have to look at how your mind is working.
Look at what and how you think , your trains of thought , the deceptions, the untruths.
Resistance to anything you wish to do comes from the mind , your thoughts , your worries, 'what if ' , 'what will people think' .
You have choice as to how you think .
You have choice as to what you pay attention to .
You have choice as to what you think .
You have choice to disregard those beliefs that no longer are helpful and down right hinder you.
Every thing we do begins with thoughts.
We overthink .
You only need to think something once , not keep turning it over in your mind .
Once you have thought a thought the next step is to bring here the creative desire of the thought.
Be aware of how and what you think .
This is how humanity will raise its consciousness .
It's all about the mind.

Robina Hearle