Imagine living in a bubble

Imagine living in a giant bubble

The bubble is a huge belief bubble

The bubble contains all the beliefs of everyone past and present in the world .

New ideas , knowledge are quickly squashed by the long established ever present beliefs in the bubble that have become a self for-filling prophecy , they are so powerful .

The bubble has become a trap of reality .

The bubble also encompasses the astral plane a created suburb of this plane of existence.

However many in the original bubble do bot believe the astral plane exists either.

It has now come about in this bubble that if science cannot prove it , it does not exist.

Some of the other very strongly held beliefs in this bubble are for instance

Man is in charge

Women are to be not respected , they are here to cook , clean and sex.

Fairies do not exist , neither does magic , spirits, Elementals , or anything else the naked eye cannot perceive .

The soul does not exist

Materialistic endeavours is what the world needs and wants , consumerism , power are the tools of success .

Money is worshipped

Man has a right to do what it likes with animals

Medicine and drugs are the only way to heal people

Healing energies are mumbo jumbo , cannot exist .

Star beings and space ships do not exist because we cannot see them with telescopes .

Other dimensions do not exist , (even though science has proved they do.)

Angels do not exist .

Animals have no soul or spirit and cannot feel pain .

Even though you cannot put God in a test tube he exists .

So when you have deep thinkers, people who explore the mysteries of life and spirit and soul , research the esoteric realms , have knowledge down loaded to them from higher spheres , it is negated because it does not fit in the parameters of the bubble of belief of the masses.

The people who do think and explore outside the bubble who recognise there is more than fish and chips, sex and rock and roll are the ones who Spiritually grow and find themselves . Self Realisation .

These people find the truth of reality , which is a far cry from what the bubble leads you to believe.

The more you think outside the bubble the weaker it becomes , the skin thins , the bubble is diluted .

What are your beliefs ?

Time to evolve and stop degrading your minds.

Humanity is continuing on a downward spiral of loosing consciousness focus concentration and awareness .

The trend of mindfulness to bring about focus , awareness , is the one thing going on in society that will stop this slide into people being zombies .

We have thought for some time we had been caught in a reincarnation trap , and part of this trap was to do with our lack of using our brains to the fullest extent.

We have become prisoners on the planet

We are souls aeons old who have come to earth and become trapped in a human body whose consciousness is forever degrading .

There are so many mind traps , computer games , media , phones , tablets , alcohol , recreational drugs , medicines , other peoples dramas , religions , obsessions of every kind that exclude all else . Think which apply to you.

Can you be aware of your body this minute ?

Can you be aware of your thoughts this minute

Can you be aware of your heart feelings this minute .

What do you waste your attention on ?

Where is your focus most days ?

Can you be silent ?

Can you be by yourself or always want someone there ?

Can you stop being distracted?

Can you stop the mind chatter ?

Can you sit and just be ?

You can see we have a long way to go to be in control of our minds once more .

Begin the journey today evolve yourself.

Be present now in every moment , have a go , do not give up .

To be sovereign in your mind is the way out of this world .


Is life Overloading you ?

Bringing some relief to people is my aim when life is too too much .

Society and its demands

Family and their demands

Extended family and their demands

Friends who lean on you and take your energy

Work that wants the last drop of blood from you .. then more

How do you cope ?

Or may be you do not

Alcohol , escape ?

Perspective is hard to gain

Cutting down and cutting out of your life the trivia and dross.

I help people find peace and some quiet , they are able to rebalance , and find they grow in themselves .

I do this with Vibrational Essences and healing .. have had many years of experience and have heard it all !

Do contact me and let’s see what and how I can help you .

‪Teenagers need your help now via @YouTube‬

Teenagers need your help now via @YouTube

#Teenagers with broken minds will not move forward in life , expand or grow , but get stuck in a wheel of depression and angst.

Are we looking at our teenagers / children

Are we giving them our time

For many a small incident sends them over the edge into despair and depression .

The stresses of today are too much .

Self harm and children in primary school on medication is a growing problem

We have to do something.

So you think you do not have slight heat stroke ?

Words to the already wise

I remember experiencing heat exhaustion myself when younger but luckily my dad having had medical training knew what to do. A couple of years ago I felt dizzy and sick to the point of passing out in the heat even though i had drunk quite a lot [but it was fizzy drinks not water !] then having witnessed two people close to me have it recently because they hadn’t been able to keep cool enough and more importantly hadn’t drunk enough water, I thought i would look up the symptoms of heat exhaustion [ also called heat stroke] and post them particularly as it is on the news too !!I

Many people do not recognise they are candidates for heat exhaustion because they don’t know what the symptoms are or that they can have a mild case of it which is ongoing if they are consistently not drinking enough to replace what they are losing each day and night through sweating. [We have 2 point 6 million sweat glands working to keep us cool all the time ].

Heat exhaustion occurs when your body loses more fluid than you put into it. On average a person loses 2 point 5 litres of fluids a day through sweating and all the other bodily functions….and that is without exercise or the extreme heat are currently having causing more sweating!

Symptoms of heat exhaustion are :




Confusion /lack of concentration


Irrational behaviour

Feeling sick .

Not going to the loo very much

Loss of appetite

Excessive sweating

Pale and clammy skin

Cramps in armed , legs and stomach

Fast pulse and breathing

Temperature of 38 degrees or more

Intense thirst

People might think if they haven’t got all the symptoms above they haven’t got heat exhaustion but you will get some or all of these symptoms if you are consistently getting too hot and not replacing the fluids your body is losing through sweating.

Some remedies that can help

drinking plenty of cold water [tea and coffee actually dehydrate you}

Using a fan to cool down is good if you have access to one.

Take cool baths or showers

Sprinkling cool water over the skin or clothes

wearing a wet hat if having to be or work outside

Running cold water over the wrists when possible.

Putting your feet into a bowl of cold water

Putting ice cubes into a hot water bottle and using that to cool down.

Avoiding excess alcohol

Avoiding extreme exercise

Avoiding the sun where possible between 11 am and 3pm

Using a fan at night to cool down and help sleep. [being too hot at night also dehydrates you}

We have found that we can cope in the extreme heat of the day only if we are able to spend as little time outside as possible and cool down in between those times by sitting in a breeze in the shade or in front of a fan.!

Sue Stothard

Routine and Conformity Programs that bind us .

Routine and Conformity Programs .

“Routine is an unstoppable force to which the human race subscribes believing it is a good thing to have form and structure in everyday life.

In reality Routine is a prison demanding of your Energy time and mind.

You are unable to change easily from your routine to free time and freedom because the Routine has hooks and pathways and thoughtforms which all conspire to make a trap from which it is almost impossible to escape.

Your society functions on routines , the negative thoughtforms surrounding those who do not exist like this are very damaging to those people. Scorn and negative thoughts are directed at those who strive to be free of routine.

Routine is an energy , a force that surrounds the earth and infiltrates society in the same way that religious ideals and beliefs do.

People are manipulated by all of these things because the need to conform outweighs all else.

Conformity is another energy to be looked at , another trap.

Being the same as someone else is a need , it is a hologram really coming from ancient times ,

You are given rewards to keep you in the routine program , money, holidays , material possessions but as you know they lead nowhere .” By Sue .

There are many others , for example dependency , malcontent , manipulation , the list goes into the hundreds.

Control is the aim , and limiting consciousnesses creativity and expansion .

These programs are in our DNA.

Wild untidy Garden better for mental health .

To me having a wild untidy garden feels right and natural.

The more you allow in nature , the more you will have a diverse group of Elementals and nature spirits, the more in balance your garden is going to be .

The more plants and wildflowers you have the more bees and insects and birds you will have .

This has an effect on your mood and well being, for you are part of the garden.

If you are obsessed with a well manicured garden … ask yourself why ?

Is nature like this ?

I have a rule that no plant can smother or cause distress to another , and that’s my criteria for being there.

The ambience , the feeling , the peace of a garden , the balance , the harmony all has a direct effect on you .

Humans have lost their connection to nature and themselves , being caught up with the train tracks of life.

We become mentally ill if we avoid nature .

The subtle energies of nature are a balm to the spirit and soul .

Slowing down , being yourself , being mindful , being aware , are all lessons nature teaches us if we will just stop outside and be in it .