Goodwill is not just for Christmas

I am sorry to observe the maelstrom of Malevolence that seems to be sweeping the earth .

Media, governments , fears whipped up , false news , leaders being provocative.

It really saddens me to see people angry and anxious and depressed .

So what do we ordinary people do .

Perhaps make a promise to not engage and join in the negativity.

Perhaps enter into the Spirit of the season which is Goodwill to all mankind, animals and every living thing on the planet .

If you do not join in thought-forms and thought streams do not grow , in fact you can disintegrate them by Being Light.

We can all set the intent that Goodwill will be for all year round , our day to day lives can be fun , light hearted .

Perhaps set the intention each morning that this is how it will be .

Think good positive thoughts before going to bed .

Work out your problems as they arise instead of brooding on them .

Always have a list of what makes your heart sing handy on the fridge to make you smile.

Make 2018 one of joy , wonder for all you know and those you do not .

Merry Seasons Greetings


Chronic Pain , consciousness , mindfulness and help .

Physical pain , that is constant or intermittent has many affects on our emotional mental and spiritual well being.

Daily Frustration, depression , anger , despair , hopelessness , misery.

Feelings of loss of expectations and a life different to what has occurred.

Feelings of being bereft , ignored , not listened to and being misunderstood.

Being fed up with yourself .

Constant drug therapy diminishes awareness and spiritual perspectives.

Consciousness becomes very sluggish and static.

Not being able to evolve or move forward , grow as people , becoming locked in a prison of daily pains become the norm for many.

Does some of what I say mean something to you ?

Have you thought about trying something different , all you need is the will and I can show you the way !

Guided Meditations and Mindfulness and Focus .

This is about using your brain in a different way , by using the helpful brainwaves you already have that need some prompting to come to the fore.

On your part you need to decide to dedicate some time and persistence to this new way of Being .

Everyone can do this.

Many pain management clinics now recommend mindfulness training to help , so it’s become mainstream rather than alternative thinking.

Robina Hearle .

Does Rage and Anger help the Vegan movement?

My thoughts are no , anger and rage which are low frequency emotions when they are acted upon help no one, but just create more anger and rage.

Of course we all have the right to feel outrage at the people on the planet who cannot see their actions of cruelty, enslavement , experimentation, food production , leather production, racing , captivity of animals that should be free. They are blind , brainwashed and need perhaps to be shown another way.

The Vegan movement is doing very well .

The abhorrence of mans inhumanity to the animal and bird insect kingdom is winning through .

It’s education that is needed .

Wake up calls are happening , the Vegan movement will not disappear but keep on gaining strength.

However do not destroy credibility by rage and anger.

We have to be careful to not hang our own personal anger issues on the campaigns of the activists .

Looks at why you are angry and where in your life it has come from , injustice in childhood and at school is one such issue . Abuse in childhood is another . Lack of love, self esteem, confidence, self worth are others .

Heal yourselves and then you will be in a better place to heal the world .

You will raise the frequency of yourself, spiritually grow and be more and more eloquent in your campaigns .

People who are on the spiritual path and there are many are already vegan or vegetarian. They have come to this point through working on themselves and seeing a bigger picture .

We are all questioning ….looking for information, seeking , gaining awarenesses , creating change.

Robina Hearle

Unfolding Enlightenment.

The Hologram of false beliefs that we have been brainwashed with .

There are many false truths, false beliefs , false stories , false ideas that have taken root in our world .

All of them are about our belief we have rights and sovereignty over all the other beings on the planet

That we can do as we like , that we are fully justified in our use and abuse of all resources on the the planet .

In fact we have been brainwashed into thinking these things .

Humanity has become savage , inhumane and cruel because of the judgement we have made that we are superior .

We have a false belief that we have entitlement to kill, maim , experiment on , other creatures that we reside beside .

A false belief that animals birds, fish , plants do not feel emotions, pain or have no souls.

We have a false belief that it is fine to plunder and steal from the planet . Crystals are a point in fact as well as all,other mineral resources .

Man has much reparation to make .

The layers of false assertions, beliefs , ideas, thoughts have become ingrained like an operating system , a hologram from which humanity has great difficulty breaking free from .

It’s compounded by money, materialism and the need for possessions.

The Bear at a Vegan Festival .

Had a very weird thing happen to me over the weekend

I went to a Vegan fe

stival in Ipswich to look for stall holders for our events next year .

There was a stand about the misuse of bears . They had a video , I saw the bear, but avoided the stand .

We I had not felt right all day , and Sue said I was not quite here this morning when we were working with Jen bringing through info .

Sue got it ….something had come home with me …it was the bear …deep sadness …I had felt huge anxiety all day .

The bears spirit had become trapped in the video and it could not go to the Light .

With Energy , Love , compassion and empathy we were able to free it and send it to the Light , it kind of waved before it went ..the feeling lifted .

I have returned to normal now !

We know that pieces of you can be caught in photographs , but apparently a lot more in a video ?

Anguish of a Spirit Guide.

Oh dear , a sad and true story .

A North American spirit guide came though to a psychic friend of mine asking for help.

He wanted to be released from working for the medium he had been bound to .

He was crying and on his knees with exhaustion and desperation .

We have connections to beings in high places and were able to undo the binding .

It was a blood brother oath in a previous life at Wounded Knee battle and also a Karmic debt that needed to be dissolved .

This are big lessons for all mediums that their guides should be wholly voluntary , they are not slaves or servants.

That your guides do not have an unlimited amount of energy.

Your guides can be overworked and called on too many times .

Your guides have their own life to lead on their plane of existence .

This Guide has been taken to a place where Healing can occur for him , yes people in spirit do need Healing !

Please mediums think , spare thought to the well-being of your helpers, inspirers and guides .

Have empathy and compassion .

Thank you Robina

The greater story of Unfolding Enlightenment.

Since 2002 we have been given information, teachings from The Great White Brotherhood , we tend to call them spirit healing teams .

They have enabled us to produce Unfolding Enlightenment, a step by step process of Soul healing , soul chain and soul seed going back to Source .

People who take up this work do so as a life long commitment, to self healing and world healing and beyond .

A deep understanding of yourself is what results and a removal of your issues and problems as you work on them .

The metaphysical knowledge of a high Cali restaurant is open to all , as your frequency rises as so does your consciousness.