Is Inner Contentment a reasonable Goal for you to achieve?

Inner contentment is it an impossible ideal ? If it is then so is happiness , inner peace and serenity.
We are creators , we create our reality with thought , so surely if you intend to achieve you will .
Ahh achievements this day and age they tend to be about profit, materialism , winning .
We have allowed those mindsets to dominate society , Government driven to provide money to keep a country going .
What do you think ? The rat race is a very uncomfortable place to be . So many people are stepping out of it for their own salvation and mental and physical health.
Perhaps in your every day routines you factor in some quiet time for you , does not have to be long twenty minutes , soak in the bath , lie on the bed turn off all devices , contemplate , meditate , allow your mind to be still , listen to the birds , be in nature .
Find your self , not the person everyone expects you to be . This is the beginning of the path of inner contentment.

Robina Hearle .

The Gnome in the Garden. The words I received. Part 2

The Old wizened Gnome like man now lives in the Laurel hedge at the front of the property , it is away from the road and many people.
I tried to connect this morning but got that he was sleeping .
This afternoon it was my turn to snooze , but he was awake . He is very old , seven hundred in our terms , has always lived here , a Man of the woods , this area was all woodland in medieval times.
He says to call him , gives me a name ……. If I divulge the name it gives everyone power over him , so for energetic safety I will not do this.
He tells me there are some others like him here , but not as many as there was once We are very shy of humans. We on the whole shun your kind for you are destructive.
He shows me a green hat and brown clothes , how he wants me to think of him. Related to the Faery folk. I am a gatherer of information for my kind to exist here we need to understand humans now. Barriers are coming down, for instance you can now perceive me , we affect one another .
We then came to a mutual understanding that this was enough for one day!

Robina and The Gnome in the garden .

The Gnome in the Clematis , A true Story.

A friend of mine over a couple of weeks has been cutting back and removing a clematis from my mother in laws small garden . It had become rampant and covered a fence .
On her last visit she had just finished cutting it down to ground level when she felt a huge energetic push for want of a better word , this knocked all the stuffing out of her, she was in shock.
I came into the garden at that point and suggested we walk around the trees in another area.
As we returned to the spot we both saw the image of a little wizened man Gnome like , he was very unhappy as she had removed his home. He is a hermit.
We both spoke to him and apologised , and I suggested other places in the garden which would be safe from being hacked down.
He agreed , seemed happier and my friends energy was restored.
The next day I was in the garden , had been playing with the grandchildren , and was suddenly aware of a face peering out of the Laurel hedge.
I asked him if he wanted to converse with me from time to time ..he agreed, so interesting times ahead !
I know that the image he presented is one he knew we would feel comfortable with .


Jungle Juice , something Quirky for you

Jungle Juice
A fun uplifting quirky combination of Essences

I made this up for myself, because I was fed up and feeling daunted and overwhelmed.
It soon put a smile on my face and helped me turn around my negative feelings, and was able to see things from a different perspective.
Getting out of your own way Essence
Sense of fun Essence
Joy Essence
Abundant Light Essence
Help Essence
Calming of the waters Essence
Michael's Magic 1&2
Keeping Calm .

If you would like a 10 ml bottle please let me know . It is not on the website.
Robina. Contact emails at

Mindfulness thinking …Self Realisation.

Do you need to compete with your neighbours , work colleagues or family ?
If so ask yourself why.

Is your goal monetary in life or happiness ?
What is the bottom line , what is really important to you ?

The acquisition of material rewards how important is this to you ?

Do you need to value yourself by the standards of others ?

Is it any of your business what others think of you ?
Why do you let it bother you ?
Do their opinions really count and define who you are ?

Have you given your power away to others ?
Do you need approval from others , like fathers and mothers ?

What beliefs do you have that are not yours but thrust upon you ?

What makes you smile , remember it !
What makes you laugh out loud ?

My Mantra , may be helpful to You also.

Slow down
Yes it's as simple as that
Slow down
Whenever I realise I am rushing , I say to myself Slow Down
That brings me into the Now moment and I can do my tasks more purposefully.
In a Mindful way , concentrating on the job I am doing.
Slow down and be in Awareness .
My father was always telling me to Slow Down , speedy Gonzales here has now taken on the wisdom of venerable father !
Slow Down and Wind Down.
Slow Down and take a deep breathe.
My journey to Self Realisation along with Unfolding Enlightenment.

Robina Hearle.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
~ Lao Tzu

This is about you
This is about you slowing down .
This is about you being Mindful.
This is about you setting the intention each day week , month to accomplish certain goals .
This is about you not overloading yourself.
This is about you getting out of your own way.
This is about you allowing the universe to work, and appreciating that all you set out to do will be done in its own time.
This is about you recognising there is a time to do tasks.
The flow of your life can be serene , do not put obstacles in your own path or block it .