Rage today from The Deva of Tomatoes 

My sister had been telling me she had pinched out the side shoots of her tomatoes. Like our father before us and like many gardeners this is a common practise.

I said i do not do that and prefer the plants to be allowed to be the plants that they were intended to be, and to be fair she has done this in the past also.

She said she felt bad , and then her heart began to thump and before we knew it the Over lighting Deva of Tomatoes was making it’s presence felt . This Nature spirit is the collective Consciousness of the Tomato family of plants .

 It was so angry because man has corrupted the Tomato energies , hybridised them , the maltreatment like planting in small containers and pinching out side shoots grafting and plant cycles not properly completed or grown at the wrong time, forcing.

 If you have ever seen a tomato plant in all its glory planted in the proper climate , it is a huge bushy plant.

 The Deva wanted us then to understand it’s ire and pay heed to the the message , that we mistreat the tomato plants under our care .

I will say this goes for most vegetables, flowers and fruit that man has anything to do with! 

 So please think and be aware , that plants have a right to be handled with respect and awareness.

Thank you .
Robina Hearle

The Significance of being here Now 

Yes so much talk about mindfulness , its a huge trend 

What does it mean ?

It is about being fully present in every now moment. 

Can you achieve this ?  

So no wandering into the past , or possibilities and probabilities of the future .

Be here now.

One thing at a time.

It achieves a lot of not wasting energy , not overthinking , not complicating your life, letting go of the fluff and unnecessary in your life .

So the simple tasks in your day to day, slow down enough to be fully present , instead of being on automatic pilot.

Cleaning your teeth , washing your hands, creaming your body , listening to the birds , your breathing .

Eating , daily chores 

Allow yourself to sense, feel smell, hear taste . 

This brings you into your innate power, allows you to be , gives you a sense of expansion and quiet yourselves. Stops distraction , allows you to comprehend whats important. 

Many good physical effects too.

Have a go 

Pick an action and follow it each to week .

Do this for 6 weeks and see how you feel.
Robina Hearle.

Clearing your Misperceptions of other People

This is for people who fear the motives of others , perhaps persecution.

For people who are constantly looking for attack or danger in the words or deeds of others , may think there is a conspiracy.

For people who have an unreasonable fear that other people do not like them.

For people who begin to have an irrational mistrust of others because of a distorted view.

For people who are in the blues , who then see the world through a lens of misperception. 

For people who feel powerless, depressed , relinquish activities and isolating oneself. 

For people who have exaggerated self importance, unwarranted jealousy.

For people who begin to have delusions.

The thought processes here have become tangled and unclear.

This may be a family trait.

It is a complex web of negative thought forms , blocks and miasmas with negative energies attached .
To help raise frequency so things become more clear. 

To aide in seeing the truth of a problem and people clearly .

To remove the fear of other people.

To remove the habit and paradigm , blocks , thought forms .

To remove the miasmas from yourself and the family hologram 

To excise the chains and trains of this from all past lives ancient and modern.

To remove all negative energies that are in this mix.

To help in regaining perspective and normal thinking .

For help with rebalancing and harmonising your mental, emotional , psychic and spiritual bodies, repair and rehabilitation.
Robina Hearle 

Rose Cottage Vibrational Essences

Bringing Relief for the Anguish of the Soul Essence.

There are souls that have great anguish as their journey from source and the intervening aeons have been of great torment. Some souls have been lost , trapped, hybridised, grafted upon , blown up . Energy sucked from them ,and also dismantled , loosing soul pieces. The journeys we find souls have had are heartbreaking to witness .

Sometimes our lives here reflect our soul story of anguish. Time for change now ! 

Anguish that is mental and spiritual , despair , hopelessness , abandonment , grief loss , unbearable suffering , misery desperation , hardship , Deep unhappiness, distress . Agony , pain, remorse ,torment, desolation, heartbreak , heartache , angst .depression wanting to give up.

To remove all of the above feelings that are negative blocks and mindsets and programs / scripts.

To remove the feeling that nothing can be done , that there is hope even after aeons of time . Remove the loss of hope . Begin to feel all the good emotions and know that all will be well.

Remove the block and belief and feelings that nothing can improve .

To bring back the light that has almost been distinguished .

To rejuvenate, to reinstate , to refurbish , to rehabilitate , rebuild.

To know and be confidant that good change can and will occur , abilities will be restored and your soul will become whole once again.    
Be reassured , things will change , there is light at the end of the tunnel , nothing stays the same , you will get through this and things will get better.
Robina Hearle

Dissolving the Energies of a Grudge Essence.

A grudge is like an energetic wound . It can go with you or your family for lifetimes .

It links you to the person holding the grudge, an open pathway which is of no benefit to either .

A grudge will have strong emotions attached to it. 

Blocks or mindsets of deeply held anger, revenge hatred blame, resentment, indignation , hurt, sense of injustice for a third person or persons who “wronged ” you. 

A grudge becomes a toxic energy to drag around. 

Twisted thinking can flourish.   

Feeling sorry for yourself .

People get stuck in the dead end pathway of holding a grudge and live there ! 

The wound is always kept open and festers , the victimhood gives a purpose , a definition, a solidness , a grievance that carries weight.

Sympathy is gained by retelling of the story, there is a gain for the grudge holder.

Sometimes the retelling of the story is not done honestly. 

Perhaps it about gaining compassion and comfort that was denied as a child.

The inner child crying ‘what about me ‘
They cannot get out of it, see a way out or want to. It is a paradigm ,an emotional behaviour pattern , may also be in the family hologram. May be in ancient soul scripts. Immaturity of the emotional body. Not taking responsibility and playing the blame game.
You have to forgive the person for holding the grudge so the energies do not perpetuate through that pathway. Forgive the lack of apology and the owning up to it.

The chain and train of events need to be cut.

Clear the heart area.

The wounding energies are to be dissolved, and the pathways. 

This essence is for the person on the receiving end of a grudge and the person that holds it.
Robina Hearle 

Rose Cottage Vibrational Essences 11.5.2017.

Everyone has something to be healed 

Everyone has something to be healed even if they do not think so. Inner child issues which cause people to behave like a small child stamping their feet, or with jealousy, anger, hatred, feeling not good enough etc. These are easy to spot, not so easy are the hidden things- the energetic damage and the incomplete unseen parts of yourself which have accumulated over many lifetimes.
Sue Stothard

Is there actually much more but we have become trapped in a half reality ? 

Our lives revolve around money , clothes, food , holidays , cars , gadgets , social media .

We are drawn into the societies we live , their problems, politics , health it is a framework foisted upon us when we are born .
We get lost in our work, striving for more , the Government wanting us to achieve , targets , children to be educated in a manner that provides more money, but does not really teach them about the world properly .

We get lost in our hobbies, books, films, alcohol ,computer games .and much more.

 Are we living in a half reality ? I think so .

Is there more ? Are we being duped and brainwashed to not step outside the parameters of our existence .

People wake up briefly when death and severe illness occur and begin to ask questions of life and its purpose , some keep going some slide back again as the pull of our every days existence we are so use to is so strong. 
Fortunately mindfulness, focus and meditation is helping people to be more aware . 

It is part of the answer , a raise in consciousness is a goal also . Frequency change as we rid ourselves of the weights that hold us back . Keep on going my friends, think and ask questions and have lightbulb moments ! 
Robina Hearle