A Tale of Two Illusions

A little tale of Illusions

Once upon a time there was a young girl called Penny who lived in a special village. This village was special because all the people helped each other and worked together to keep the village a special place. In the village there was no malice, jealousy, anger, violence, no negativity or hatred. Food was abundant and plentiful and everyone shared. Everyone got along and rejoiced in their good fortune living in such a blessed place, little realising that it was a blessed place because of the people.

Beyond the village was a dark wood and Penny was told never to go beyond the edge of the wood because it wasn’t protected by the village. Being an obedient girl Penny did as she was told. However, one day her pet parrot flew into the wood. Now she loved her parrot and so, thinking she would be very quick, she crossed the boundary and followed her parrot into the deep dark wood.

She walked for ages and eventually came to a derelict cottage with bars at the windows and a garden overgrown with brambles ands bushes and trees. As Penny walked up the path the door opened and a little old lady with white hair and a cheery face came out. Penny asked the old lady if she had seen her parrot ..

’ No’ was the reply.

The old lady invites Penny inside to see inside her beautiful cottage and to have a biscuit and a drink. Rather doubtfully Penny goes inside and just for a moment sees a derelict cottage with no fire or lights and bars at the windows and a dead cat by the hearth. She ask the little old lady If she is ok and can she help her .

The little old lady replies that she is perfectly happy with her beautiful cosy cottage, she has all she needs, water in the well, food in her beautiful garden, her loving pet cat and her wonderful blind and deaf husband that she cares for and loves. As she describes it Penny sees it just as the old lady describes it but because she is a wise girl, she realises it is all an illusion and that the old lady can’t see the truth of her life or the derelict cottage or the bars at the windows keeping her there.

She thanks the little old lady, says goodbye and leaves. As she returns along the path her parrot is waiting for her and she asks him why he went there. He says that he wanted her to see the little old lady because so many people in the world live in an illusion just like that.

Sue Stothard

December 2018

Imagine living in a bubble

Imagine living in a giant bubble

The bubble is a huge belief bubble

The bubble contains all the beliefs of everyone past and present in the world .

New ideas , knowledge are quickly squashed by the long established ever present beliefs in the bubble that have become a self for-filling prophecy , they are so powerful .

The bubble has become a trap of reality .

The bubble also encompasses the astral plane a created suburb of this plane of existence.

However many in the original bubble do bot believe the astral plane exists either.

It has now come about in this bubble that if science cannot prove it , it does not exist.

Some of the other very strongly held beliefs in this bubble are for instance

Man is in charge

Women are to be not respected , they are here to cook , clean and sex.

Fairies do not exist , neither does magic , spirits, Elementals , or anything else the naked eye cannot perceive .

The soul does not exist

Materialistic endeavours is what the world needs and wants , consumerism , power are the tools of success .

Money is worshipped

Man has a right to do what it likes with animals

Medicine and drugs are the only way to heal people

Healing energies are mumbo jumbo , cannot exist .

Star beings and space ships do not exist because we cannot see them with telescopes .

Other dimensions do not exist , (even though science has proved they do.)

Angels do not exist .

Animals have no soul or spirit and cannot feel pain .

Even though you cannot put God in a test tube he exists .

So when you have deep thinkers, people who explore the mysteries of life and spirit and soul , research the esoteric realms , have knowledge down loaded to them from higher spheres , it is negated because it does not fit in the parameters of the bubble of belief of the masses.

The people who do think and explore outside the bubble who recognise there is more than fish and chips, sex and rock and roll are the ones who Spiritually grow and find themselves . Self Realisation .

These people find the truth of reality , which is a far cry from what the bubble leads you to believe.

The more you think outside the bubble the weaker it becomes , the skin thins , the bubble is diluted .

What are your beliefs ?

Time to evolve and stop degrading your minds.

Humanity is continuing on a downward spiral of loosing consciousness focus concentration and awareness .

The trend of mindfulness to bring about focus , awareness , is the one thing going on in society that will stop this slide into people being zombies .

We have thought for some time we had been caught in a reincarnation trap , and part of this trap was to do with our lack of using our brains to the fullest extent.

We have become prisoners on the planet

We are souls aeons old who have come to earth and become trapped in a human body whose consciousness is forever degrading .

There are so many mind traps , computer games , media , phones , tablets , alcohol , recreational drugs , medicines , other peoples dramas , religions , obsessions of every kind that exclude all else . Think which apply to you.

Can you be aware of your body this minute ?

Can you be aware of your thoughts this minute

Can you be aware of your heart feelings this minute .

What do you waste your attention on ?

Where is your focus most days ?

Can you be silent ?

Can you be by yourself or always want someone there ?

Can you stop being distracted?

Can you stop the mind chatter ?

Can you sit and just be ?

You can see we have a long way to go to be in control of our minds once more .

Begin the journey today evolve yourself.

Be present now in every moment , have a go , do not give up .

To be sovereign in your mind is the way out of this world .


Is life Overloading you ?

Bringing some relief to people is my aim when life is too too much .

Society and its demands

Family and their demands

Extended family and their demands

Friends who lean on you and take your energy

Work that wants the last drop of blood from you .. then more

How do you cope ?

Or may be you do not

Alcohol , escape ?

Perspective is hard to gain

Cutting down and cutting out of your life the trivia and dross.

I help people find peace and some quiet , they are able to rebalance , and find they grow in themselves .

I do this with Vibrational Essences and healing .. have had many years of experience and have heard it all !

Do contact me and let’s see what and how I can help you .

Healing for you, excising the seeds of Dishonesty, self deception .

Excising the seeds of Dishonesty .

Being dishonest with yourself , not being truthful , hiding truth , pretending issues and occurrences are not there . Self deception .

Embroidering the truth , slanting the truth , manipulating the truth to your advantage.

For some it is too painful to be honest with themselves .

How much do you think you cover up and not let out into the light of day ?

This is where dishonesty begins , not being truthful with yourself , it then leads into other aspects of your life .

It may be in our genetics, Ancesrtral, pathways, overlays, programs , deep in our psyche .

All shapes and sizes the seeds of dishonesty comes in from fiddling expenses to fraud to organised crime .

In families cover ups of truth , lies , keeping knowledge hidden.

Some are small and seemingly insignificant some are huge .

All cause mistrust, wariness , secrecy ,

Dishonest communication , not saying what you mean or meaning what you do say . Emotional blackmail.

Being deliberately vague , playing games of manipulation.


We have political and social deceptions and dishonesty

Religious dishonesty

Family dishonesty .

Work place dishonesty, corruptions .

Law breaking

Police dishonesty.

Organised crime , mafia

The seeds are

Deceit , lies , theft , deception , manipulation .deceit, deception, duplicity, lying, falseness, falsity, falsehood, untruthfulness; fraud, fraudulence, sharp practice, cheating, chicanery, craft, cunning, trickery, artifice, artfulness, wiliness, guile, double-dealing, underhandedness, subterfuge, skulduggery, treachery, perfidy, unfairness, unjustness, improbity, rascality, untrustworthiness, dishonour, unscrupulousness, corruption, criminality, lawlessness, lawbreaking, misconduct; informalcrookedness, shadiness, foxiness, dirty tricks, kidology, shenanigans, monkey business, funny business, hanky-panky; jiggery pokery; malfeasance; archaic management, knavery, knavishness

People use games and cover to hide their deceit .

Pull the wool over peoples eyes , fooling people , being duped .

If you have these seeds deployed at you , you will know the hurt, anger , disappointment, disillusionment , betrayal , grief that has ensued . The disbelief and shock .

You will no longer feel perhaps you can trust , will always be wary , on your guard.

Peace , harmony and balance.


Forgive yourself for your dishonesty to yourself

Forgive others .

Patience .

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Restructuring your Future after Retirement . Old age is fun.

Many people find it difficult to change from being employed to being free of the binds and chains of work .

All your life you have been directed , dictated to from childhood to school, to work . Now you are free !

Many create a similar environment by throwing themselves into Good works, local politics and charities .. trying to find a reason to be , a purpose. That’s fine so long as you give pause and thought to the other aspects of yourself .

This is because Spiritually you may be devoid of the awareness consciousness and knowledge of who you are , why you are , how you can be .

Thoughts and fears of old age and what it means can overwhelm .

Some people begin a catalog of illness and decline

Fear of having no boundaries , may scuttle people off to find some !

Look at your beliefs about old age your concerns about old age .

Fear of being alone


Not being able to cope

Loneliness , fear you will have no one to care or visit with .

Loss of friends and family

Loss of physical prowess

Loss of mental agility .

Fear of Alzheimer’s, Dementure .

Strong belief that old age means decrepitude.

Fear of the future

Fear of money worries

Loss of status , once retired , Being a nobody , when once you were a somebody in your eyes and the eyes of others .

Being insignificant

Being forgotten about .

Fear of dying , death , debilitating illness , being infirm , in a wheelchair , not being able to walk

Fear of stroke , heart attacks .

Fear you will copy your parents in their behaviours and beliefs .

These are all in the Morphogenic Reasonance… the beliefs , thoughts fears emotions of all people in the planet , it’s a thick black cloud which shuts out the light.

Time for it to be dissolved , and we do this by restructuring the way we are .

Have you become grumpy , dissatisfied, disillusioned, look at why , is there a need to be like this . Grumpy old man and women syndrome has become a fashion ,a dead end pathway that many have been enticed down , it’s not funny or fun being here .

So to restructure is to change perspective , change your mindset , change your thinking . Create new possibilities and probabilities .

set no thoughts fears , terrors and mindsets in stone of negative thinking about being older .

Do not plant the seeds and allow them to grow of all the negativity and fears .

Allow in possibilities of fun , joy , laughter, giggling , happiness .

Allow in change

Allow the idea that no boundaries and being free is freeing and wow what excitement is there to be had ?

Allow in Courage , and optimism .your glass is half full , and with something yummy.

Make new friends .

Allow yourself to look into your heart and work on the pain and issues you have locked away in there … give yourself the gift of healing ., this will free you , and set you on a path of renewal.

Allow yourself to become best friends with yourself , become self sufficient . Happy with your self and your own company

Find yourself .

Perhaps learn to meditate , slow down , listen , sing , play , find out what makes your heart sing and do those things .

Give yourself time, listen to the birdsong , smell the roses .

Expand your horizons, mind , thinking , being.

Enlighten .

Live now , be here now , enjoy the moment . Create your joy moment to moment .

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Healing and clearing the Seeds of depression that are still there when you come off Antidepressants.

The seeds of depression begin in this lifetime from the womb onwards. We internalise hurts , lock them away in our hearts and shut the door on them .

It can be prevented if the right words are said by someone in your life at the time . Of course this does not happen .

Eventually circumstances repeat and some of the doors open spilling into our reality the hurts , this is too much and we become overwhelmed and end up on an antidepressant.

You may be able to ride that one out , come off the antidepressants, do some sorting in your life then bam …it all reoccurs with a venageance , only may be this time all the doors open and you sink rapidly and even have suicidal thoughts .

Not being wanted

Not being heard , not being allowed to speak

Always having to wait for others , being last in importance , feelings emotions thoughts not of importance .


Emotional needs not being met

When did speak truth it being negated , not being believed , belittled , dissed , not being valid

Being over ridden , not allowed to do things my own way .

Feeling overwhelmed and not having control over your own destiny, thoughts emotions , feelings

Being told how to think , what to think , how to be , loosing yourself under a miasma of others peoples needs, wants , beliefs , to the point you give up and shut down , hide away.

Physical abuse , mental and spiritual. Stifled , bullied , bossed about .

Feeling you do not belong , do not fit in

Forever thwarted, stopped in your hearts desires .

Cannot decide your own future , destiny , fate .

Loss of self, abilities , connections .

being told to shut up , be quiet

Being sworn at , shouted at

Being made to feel insignificant , a nuisance .

A nothing .

Being so shy and wanting to hide away, not be noticed .

Unloved , abandoned , lonely.

The spirit Healing teams we work with tell us there are different seeds of depression in each lifetime . It all has created an apparatus a model for depression for want of better words . We know when you become depressed it can have effects on the whole body , causing the body systems to falter and be suppressed.

I have put healing energy in my words here , to help you acknowledge and Clear your seeds of depression .

Those doors in your heart can be gently opened and each one cleansed of the hurt that it contains . You have to want to acknowledge, change perspective , forgive , and have the Courage to look.

The heart can become whole once again , know this and work towards it .

I also have a Healing video on my channel The Golden Pathway for this topic , https://youtu.be/6BPzJvpNfh4. The title is the same as this article .