Does Rage and Anger help the Vegan movement?

My thoughts are no , anger and rage which are low frequency emotions when they are acted upon help no one, but just create more anger and rage.

Of course we all have the right to feel outrage at the people on the planet who cannot see their actions of cruelty, enslavement , experimentation, food production , leather production, racing , captivity of animals that should be free. They are blind , brainwashed and need perhaps to be shown another way.

The Vegan movement is doing very well .

The abhorrence of mans inhumanity to the animal and bird insect kingdom is winning through .

It’s education that is needed .

Wake up calls are happening , the Vegan movement will not disappear but keep on gaining strength.

However do not destroy credibility by rage and anger.

We have to be careful to not hang our own personal anger issues on the campaigns of the activists .

Looks at why you are angry and where in your life it has come from , injustice in childhood and at school is one such issue . Abuse in childhood is another . Lack of love, self esteem, confidence, self worth are others .

Heal yourselves and then you will be in a better place to heal the world .

You will raise the frequency of yourself, spiritually grow and be more and more eloquent in your campaigns .

People who are on the spiritual path and there are many are already vegan or vegetarian. They have come to this point through working on themselves and seeing a bigger picture .

We are all questioning ….looking for information, seeking , gaining awarenesses , creating change.

Robina Hearle

Unfolding Enlightenment.

The Hologram of false beliefs that we have been brainwashed with .

There are many false truths, false beliefs , false stories , false ideas that have taken root in our world .

All of them are about our belief we have rights and sovereignty over all the other beings on the planet

That we can do as we like , that we are fully justified in our use and abuse of all resources on the the planet .

In fact we have been brainwashed into thinking these things .

Humanity has become savage , inhumane and cruel because of the judgement we have made that we are superior .

We have a false belief that we have entitlement to kill, maim , experiment on , other creatures that we reside beside .

A false belief that animals birds, fish , plants do not feel emotions, pain or have no souls.

We have a false belief that it is fine to plunder and steal from the planet . Crystals are a point in fact as well as all,other mineral resources .

Man has much reparation to make .

The layers of false assertions, beliefs , ideas, thoughts have become ingrained like an operating system , a hologram from which humanity has great difficulty breaking free from .

It’s compounded by money, materialism and the need for possessions.

Anguish of a Spirit Guide.

Oh dear , a sad and true story .

A North American spirit guide came though to a psychic friend of mine asking for help.

He wanted to be released from working for the medium he had been bound to .

He was crying and on his knees with exhaustion and desperation .

We have connections to beings in high places and were able to undo the binding .

It was a blood brother oath in a previous life at Wounded Knee battle and also a Karmic debt that needed to be dissolved .

This are big lessons for all mediums that their guides should be wholly voluntary , they are not slaves or servants.

That your guides do not have an unlimited amount of energy.

Your guides can be overworked and called on too many times .

Your guides have their own life to lead on their plane of existence .

This Guide has been taken to a place where Healing can occur for him , yes people in spirit do need Healing !

Please mediums think , spare thought to the well-being of your helpers, inspirers and guides .

Have empathy and compassion .

Thank you Robina

The greater story of Unfolding Enlightenment.

Since 2002 we have been given information, teachings from The Great White Brotherhood , we tend to call them spirit healing teams .

They have enabled us to produce Unfolding Enlightenment, a step by step process of Soul healing , soul chain and soul seed going back to Source .

People who take up this work do so as a life long commitment, to self healing and world healing and beyond .

A deep understanding of yourself is what results and a removal of your issues and problems as you work on them .

The metaphysical knowledge of a high Cali restaurant is open to all , as your frequency rises as so does your consciousness.

Shameless Plug ! Guided Meditation Cds or memory sticks

My sister Sue Stothard have been busy again we have added to the two Cds already on the website .

A big thank you to a brilliant sound Engineer Andrew Heasman

We now have a new adult Guided Meditation cd and memory stick by sister Sue.

I have produced two Guided Meditation Cds for children . Children for 6years onwards .

There is an option for memory sticks for all.

So do you need to deeply relax ? Switch off , have some me time ? Help with sleeping ? Learn to focus and be mindful ?

Do your children need to learn to slow down , concentrate, be aware, need their imaginations firing , need to sleep better , unwind , learn to focus ? Perhaps one of these may be a great help.

Contact me or go through the website , they will be loaded in the next few days .

Can you hold your own hand ?

I created a meditation where you stood face to face with yourself and held hands .
It went on to looking in your eyes and really seeing the person you are , and liking what you saw.
Knowing that you could be friends with this person .That you are your own companion .
Then a very long hug , heart to heart One that reconnected you back with yourself.
A time to chat to each other, discuss yourself and aspects of yourself you deem unacceptable.
Then a Realisation that you could love this person , this you , who is not a total stranger , that you can accept your own foibles , trust , forgive yourself , empathise with yourself , be kind and be your own best friend.
A table appears with a golden flagon and two crystal glasses , something sparkling and an unusual colour is the drink
You clink glasses and toast one another , to your future, to the past you relinquish , to the now .
Like yourself, you are important , you matter and you are enough.
Love yourself open your heart to yourself .
You are never alone you have yourself A very true close friend.
So can you do this ?
Can you allow yourself and trust yourself to hold your own hand ?

Robina Hearle .

Mindfulness thinking …Self Realisation.

Do you need to compete with your neighbours , work colleagues or family ?
If so ask yourself why.

Is your goal monetary in life or happiness ?
What is the bottom line , what is really important to you ?

The acquisition of material rewards how important is this to you ?

Do you need to value yourself by the standards of others ?

Is it any of your business what others think of you ?
Why do you let it bother you ?
Do their opinions really count and define who you are ?

Have you given your power away to others ?
Do you need approval from others , like fathers and mothers ?

What beliefs do you have that are not yours but thrust upon you ?

What makes you smile , remember it !
What makes you laugh out loud ?