The greater story of Unfolding Enlightenment.

Since 2002 we have been given information, teachings from The Great White Brotherhood , we tend to call them spirit healing teams .

They have enabled us to produce Unfolding Enlightenment, a step by step process of Soul healing , soul chain and soul seed going back to Source .

People who take up this work do so as a life long commitment, to self healing and world healing and beyond .

A deep understanding of yourself is what results and a removal of your issues and problems as you work on them .

The metaphysical knowledge of a high Cali restaurant is open to all , as your frequency rises as so does your consciousness.

Shameless Plug ! Guided Meditation Cds or memory sticks

My sister Sue Stothard have been busy again we have added to the two Cds already on the website .

A big thank you to a brilliant sound Engineer Andrew Heasman

We now have a new adult Guided Meditation cd and memory stick by sister Sue.

I have produced two Guided Meditation Cds for children . Children for 6years onwards .

There is an option for memory sticks for all.

So do you need to deeply relax ? Switch off , have some me time ? Help with sleeping ? Learn to focus and be mindful ?

Do your children need to learn to slow down , concentrate, be aware, need their imaginations firing , need to sleep better , unwind , learn to focus ? Perhaps one of these may be a great help.

Contact me or go through the website , they will be loaded in the next few days .

Trivia does it fill up your mind ? 

I was reading one of the Saturday papers whilst on holiday, as my husband likes to have a read of them.

We do not do this at home .

What struck me the most was the amount of mindless trivia that invaded my brain from what was written.

How much do we clog up our thinking with rubbish and drivel ? 

Celebrity gossip, false news , speculation, fear mongering, blatant lies .

We are bombarded with it . 

I never bother to know names of pop people ,actors or bands or the names of films or books or authors to me its unnecessary junk knowledge.

Our bodies respond to our thoughts and emotions, unnecessarily when its faced with trivia. 

Well informed research on subjects is a different matter, and may well be worth catching your attention.

Rest your mind , your emotions , slow down , unwind and perhaps watch what trivia  steals you away from your inner peace.

Energetic effects of explosions , explained by our Spirit teams.

Shock waves , we know are absorbed by the nature surrounding the areas blasted, so that’s mountains, seas , deserts .

Sound waves and their effects on nature and the infrastructure of the earth these are absorbed .


Radiation absorbed by the earth .

Areas become devoid of life force energy.

Poisons from the explosions a one of which is a blue energy spirit is telling us .

Decimation of life from single cell organisms to much larger species .

Man has so much to answer for ,

so ignorant of what we do to earth ,

so disconnected from earth and nature and subtle energies

If we cannot see it it does not exist , is no excuse !

Can you hold your own hand ?

I created a meditation where you stood face to face with yourself and held hands .
It went on to looking in your eyes and really seeing the person you are , and liking what you saw.
Knowing that you could be friends with this person .That you are your own companion .
Then a very long hug , heart to heart One that reconnected you back with yourself.
A time to chat to each other, discuss yourself and aspects of yourself you deem unacceptable.
Then a Realisation that you could love this person , this you , who is not a total stranger , that you can accept your own foibles , trust , forgive yourself , empathise with yourself , be kind and be your own best friend.
A table appears with a golden flagon and two crystal glasses , something sparkling and an unusual colour is the drink
You clink glasses and toast one another , to your future, to the past you relinquish , to the now .
Like yourself, you are important , you matter and you are enough.
Love yourself open your heart to yourself .
You are never alone you have yourself A very true close friend.
So can you do this ?
Can you allow yourself and trust yourself to hold your own hand ?

Robina Hearle .

Is Inner Contentment a reasonable Goal for you to achieve?

Inner contentment is it an impossible ideal ? If it is then so is happiness , inner peace and serenity.
We are creators , we create our reality with thought , so surely if you intend to achieve you will .
Ahh achievements this day and age they tend to be about profit, materialism , winning .
We have allowed those mindsets to dominate society , Government driven to provide money to keep a country going .
What do you think ? The rat race is a very uncomfortable place to be . So many people are stepping out of it for their own salvation and mental and physical health.
Perhaps in your every day routines you factor in some quiet time for you , does not have to be long twenty minutes , soak in the bath , lie on the bed turn off all devices , contemplate , meditate , allow your mind to be still , listen to the birds , be in nature .
Find your self , not the person everyone expects you to be . This is the beginning of the path of inner contentment.

Robina Hearle .

The Gnome in the Garden. The words I received. Part 2

The Old wizened Gnome like man now lives in the Laurel hedge at the front of the property , it is away from the road and many people.
I tried to connect this morning but got that he was sleeping .
This afternoon it was my turn to snooze , but he was awake . He is very old , seven hundred in our terms , has always lived here , a Man of the woods , this area was all woodland in medieval times.
He says to call him , gives me a name ……. If I divulge the name it gives everyone power over him , so for energetic safety I will not do this.
He tells me there are some others like him here , but not as many as there was once We are very shy of humans. We on the whole shun your kind for you are destructive.
He shows me a green hat and brown clothes , how he wants me to think of him. Related to the Faery folk. I am a gatherer of information for my kind to exist here we need to understand humans now. Barriers are coming down, for instance you can now perceive me , we affect one another .
We then came to a mutual understanding that this was enough for one day!

Robina and The Gnome in the garden .