Happy Clappy Spiritual bubbles

When you come to the realisation that your soul is aeons old and that you are having a journey as a spirit of this lifetime here , then a huge set of concepts and questions present themselves .

It means of course that you may not have always incarnated on earth .

It means you may have lived on other planets

It means you may not have incarnated at all for long periods of time .

It means you have a huge history to explore of yourself as this vast consciousness.

Spiritual is not the happy clappy bubble that many would have us believe.

It is a growth of awareness , and realisation of truths …leading to a rise in Vibrational frequency , and an ever expanding consciousness.

Some of the truths of the multi verses are not comfortable to know, if you are not ready to hear them . That’s okay

Truth has frequency, the higher your frequency , the higher truths you can take on board .

What is a Golden Gathering by Sue Stothard & Robina Hearle

Have you ever heard of a Healing circle ?

Spiritualist’s use them , but we do not regard ourselves as such, we are gifted in Healing however and have many tools under our belt.

People like Matthew Manning often holds them for groups of people who need some Healing .

Well a Golden Gathering is very similar , people sit in a circle of Energy, and work begins on the particular issues the person has raised and more besides .

We use a set Guided Meditations to bring in the energy required , Spirit Healing teams work , we are the conduits for the Healing Energy the teams use to provide the help for people

So why would you come to one of these Gatherings ?

For a healing experience , if you have physical , chronic pain , emotional, mental, childhood issues, spiritual confusion , need help with psychic problems this is where you will get some help.

Fir deep peace and calmness .

To explore something new, out of curiosity, to understand-what is possible

To know yourself a little better.

To give yourself an energy boost, and a state of tranquility.

To experience Healing Guided Meditations.

People will come for a variety of reasons, may bring family friends, neighbours who they know need some help but would not ask or contemplate this way of alleviating symptoms.

Our first is being held in Suffolk in May …If you are interested please let us know. It will be the first of many.


Enchantment based state of Torpor

Its time to take down the Christmas decorations, and feeling a great reluctance to do it or be motivated .

These feelings began to be associated with it .

Not feeling ready

Not wanting to

Wanting to stay in a safe place of no action

This is an enchantment based state of torpor , the whole of the Christmas period is , and begins and is activated in your home when you put up your decorations .

It makes you distanced from reality

Unable to act and hard to face reality after the cocoon of Christmas.

We have the 12 days of Christmas and myself and my sister always adhere to taking down the decorations on the twelfth day.

The spirit of Christmas has been corrupted and this is one of them

We know the other corruptions are greed, avarice , desire wanting more and so on .

To recognise it is to be able to break free from the enchantment.

We are surrounded by many enchantments m which are thoughts that have an effect on us ..they have an intention behind them , not always nice .

So the New Year with all its potential beckons

Create your intentions and have much fun


Goodwill is not just for Christmas

I am sorry to observe the maelstrom of Malevolence that seems to be sweeping the earth .

Media, governments , fears whipped up , false news , leaders being provocative.

It really saddens me to see people angry and anxious and depressed .

So what do we ordinary people do .

Perhaps make a promise to not engage and join in the negativity.

Perhaps enter into the Spirit of the season which is Goodwill to all mankind, animals and every living thing on the planet .

If you do not join in thought-forms and thought streams do not grow , in fact you can disintegrate them by Being Light.

We can all set the intent that Goodwill will be for all year round , our day to day lives can be fun , light hearted .

Perhaps set the intention each morning that this is how it will be .

Think good positive thoughts before going to bed .

Work out your problems as they arise instead of brooding on them .

Always have a list of what makes your heart sing handy on the fridge to make you smile.

Make 2018 one of joy , wonder for all you know and those you do not .

Merry Seasons Greetings



The Hologram of false beliefs that we have been brainwashed with .

There are many false truths, false beliefs , false stories , false ideas that have taken root in our world .

All of them are about our belief we have rights and sovereignty over all the other beings on the planet

That we can do as we like , that we are fully justified in our use and abuse of all resources on the the planet .

In fact we have been brainwashed into thinking these things .

Humanity has become savage , inhumane and cruel because of the judgement we have made that we are superior .

We have a false belief that we have entitlement to kill, maim , experiment on , other creatures that we reside beside .

A false belief that animals birds, fish , plants do not feel emotions, pain or have no souls.

We have a false belief that it is fine to plunder and steal from the planet . Crystals are a point in fact as well as all,other mineral resources .

Man has much reparation to make .

The layers of false assertions, beliefs , ideas, thoughts have become ingrained like an operating system , a hologram from which humanity has great difficulty breaking free from .

It’s compounded by money, materialism and the need for possessions.

The Bear at a Vegan Festival .

Had a very weird thing happen to me over the weekend

I went to a Vegan fe

stival in Ipswich to look for stall holders for our events next year .

There was a stand about the misuse of bears . They had a video , I saw the bear, but avoided the stand .

We I had not felt right all day , and Sue said I was not quite here this morning when we were working with Jen bringing through info .

Sue got it ….something had come home with me …it was the bear …deep sadness …I had felt huge anxiety all day .

The bears spirit had become trapped in the video and it could not go to the Light .

With Energy , Love , compassion and empathy we were able to free it and send it to the Light , it kind of waved before it went ..the feeling lifted .

I have returned to normal now !

We know that pieces of you can be caught in photographs , but apparently a lot more in a video ?

Anguish of a Spirit Guide.

Oh dear , a sad and true story .

A North American spirit guide came though to a psychic friend of mine asking for help.

He wanted to be released from working for the medium he had been bound to .

He was crying and on his knees with exhaustion and desperation .

We have connections to beings in high places and were able to undo the binding .

It was a blood brother oath in a previous life at Wounded Knee battle and also a Karmic debt that needed to be dissolved .

This are big lessons for all mediums that their guides should be wholly voluntary , they are not slaves or servants.

That your guides do not have an unlimited amount of energy.

Your guides can be overworked and called on too many times .

Your guides have their own life to lead on their plane of existence .

This Guide has been taken to a place where Healing can occur for him , yes people in spirit do need Healing !

Please mediums think , spare thought to the well-being of your helpers, inspirers and guides .

Have empathy and compassion .

Thank you Robina