Neonatal influences that define your traits and health today

Sue and I are working on our Neonatal influences that began our programs of the body systems and subtle body programs and miasmas .

You have to scrutinise yourself and look at your traits ,

Look at how you may have felt being in the womb , or your mother’s reactions and how she was ie …anxious, fearful ,

If any babies died in the womb

Siblings before you and how they were

If you were premature because you wanted to get out of there .

This leads to eating , sleeping patterns , anxiety , worry , and many others , not being able to slow down , adrenaline running all the time . You may have shut down or shut your mother out because you could not cope with her thoughtstreams and personal Miasma

Have a ponder and a brainstorm.

More to come .

As part of the inner child work we touched on this and cleared along, but back then we did not know about our subtle bodies and body systems having their own programs as a result of what occurred in the womb Some of you may like to watch the video connected to this blog

Videos for Spiritual Teaching and Healing by us for You

You world around you is very complex .

There is an unseen energetic world that impacts you all of the time .

The energetic world you impact every time you think and then act.

These videos help you to understand more or who and what you are , hopefully inspire thoughts and realisations .

Golden Pathway Utube video Intro to The Golden Pathway Trusting the Flow A short version of your soul Story clearing the Energies from other people that is around you Clearing your Personal Miasma that you create by your thoughts Viruses meat etc Animal consciousness. Energy cleanse house Spirit and crystal

Spiritual seekers are often alone , are You ?

People who have spiritually developed themselves often find they do not fit in with their social circles.

People who think differently or off the wall find it hard to find like minded people to be with .

You often find that you outgrow your friendships as you move on and your friends do not .

Your values change , you change, what use to be important is no longer so.

It is a hard realisation .

As you wake up or have always been awake , you see many folk who see no further than their daily lives, who live In their own realities , many struggling with social pressures , many never been taught to think more widely , many caught in the humdrum of life that is expected by society, family and religion .

Many spiritual people marry and have partners who do not share their beliefs , this makes you feel more isolated .

Some partners belittle or ridicule, this is very hurtful when you expect support from your nearest and dearest.

Many spiritual people are lonely, feel alone .

Many spiritual people are disappointed with life, frustrated and disillusioned.

I would say you are not alone.

It is a hard journey to Enlightenment, to raising your frequency , to awareness , to be honest to look at your issues , to clear the debris of aeons of rubbish .

There come a point when your own inner resources grow. You become your own best friend .

You like, Love and approve of yourself , enjoy being alone , are happy with your own company . You become self sufficient.

That is not to say that friendships are not important , they most definitely are .

Sharing and caring , bouncing ideas , working things out , lightbulb moments , having a giggle lighten the heart .

There are like minded people out there in the world , set the intention to find them .

You may only require one or two people to be close to .

There is no need to be unhappy or lonely .

The animal consciousness on the planet wants to leave
Why ? Because man has set himself up as master and pays no heed to the animals plight .

The Animal Consciousness wants to leave the planet

this is disturbing as man has not taken responsibility for his actions of being ignorant to the plight of the animals on the planet

You are surrounded by the energy of what others think about you

This video is a great start to help yourself .

We have a field of energy around us that is not Ours and certainly unwanted .

Peoples negativity impinges in you all of the time .

You impinge on others by your thoughts about them

Thoughts are Energy , how will You disperse this ?

Do what it says in the video to help yourself .

Thank you for watching


I am mainly vegan , have a plant based diet but not an extremist.

To me being Vegan is a diet , I am vegetarian, and occasionally eat fish , but 6/7 days I am vegan …….plant based diet , and occasionally fruitarian

No dairy …..sinusitis has all gone .

No eggs , a friend once said to me Robina after all it’s an ovum of a chicken …..had not thought of it like that . Do not want to eat them .

You feel lighter in yourself , the detoxing and changes your body goes through is interesting.

I eat very little processed sugar or chocolate … body just does not want it .

The sparkle in this is that no animals are killed to provide me with sustenance .

Vitamin B12 , can be got from marmite, yeast extract and yeast flakes , nuts , peanuts and almonds mushrooms , cereals and other fortified foods.

Iron can be sourced through many nuts , seeds and vegetables.

You become much more conscious of your sources of vitamins and minerals .

So many fruits out there …from courgettes to pumpkins to grapes .

Nuts and seeds are a yes .

Now more raw than cooked .

A very exciting journey

Vegan label has become associated with extremists , activists anger .

The spirit has become corrupted by low frequency emotions .

We do not have to eat meat or dairy products to forfil our dietary needs .

Plant based diets are better for us and the planet and all its inhabitants.

Thank you for reading .

Vinegar , Yes or NO ?

There is a trend at the moment for pickled veg in vinegar and a drink .

The Russians and eastern block people pickled their veg as a means of survival through harsh winters .

The bacteria in these are of decay.

Not healthy as so many claim

You do not want these bacteria in your gut which is probably stressed due to adrenaline and low on hydrochloride acid as it is .

I always wondered why I did not like vinegar, I know I was told by nature it is dead , dead water , and why would we want to eat it or use it .

I have never like pickled anything , or chutneys , instinctively have given them a wide birth , now I know why !

Having said all that I do like vinegar on chips!

The best vinegar is Apple cider vinegar …but treating your body with it , may not be a wise path after all.

Sort out your gut bacteria first …raw fruit and veg as often as possible , and water with a slight squeeze of lemon first thing or, ginger and honey …then eat breakfast .