The greater story of Unfolding Enlightenment.

Since 2002 we have been given information, teachings from The Great White Brotherhood , we tend to call them spirit healing teams .

They have enabled us to produce Unfolding Enlightenment, a step by step process of Soul healing , soul chain and soul seed going back to Source .

People who take up this work do so as a life long commitment, to self healing and world healing and beyond .

A deep understanding of yourself is what results and a removal of your issues and problems as you work on them .

The metaphysical knowledge of a high Cali restaurant is open to all , as your frequency rises as so does your consciousness.

Shameless Plug ! Guided Meditation Cds or memory sticks

My sister Sue Stothard have been busy again we have added to the two Cds already on the website .

A big thank you to a brilliant sound Engineer Andrew Heasman

We now have a new adult Guided Meditation cd and memory stick by sister Sue.

I have produced two Guided Meditation Cds for children . Children for 6years onwards .

There is an option for memory sticks for all.

So do you need to deeply relax ? Switch off , have some me time ? Help with sleeping ? Learn to focus and be mindful ?

Do your children need to learn to slow down , concentrate, be aware, need their imaginations firing , need to sleep better , unwind , learn to focus ? Perhaps one of these may be a great help.

Contact me or go through the website , they will be loaded in the next few days .

Trivia does it fill up your mind ? 

I was reading one of the Saturday papers whilst on holiday, as my husband likes to have a read of them.

We do not do this at home .

What struck me the most was the amount of mindless trivia that invaded my brain from what was written.

How much do we clog up our thinking with rubbish and drivel ? 

Celebrity gossip, false news , speculation, fear mongering, blatant lies .

We are bombarded with it . 

I never bother to know names of pop people ,actors or bands or the names of films or books or authors to me its unnecessary junk knowledge.

Our bodies respond to our thoughts and emotions, unnecessarily when its faced with trivia. 

Well informed research on subjects is a different matter, and may well be worth catching your attention.

Rest your mind , your emotions , slow down , unwind and perhaps watch what trivia  steals you away from your inner peace.

Mindfulness thinking …Self Realisation.

Do you need to compete with your neighbours , work colleagues or family ?
If so ask yourself why.

Is your goal monetary in life or happiness ?
What is the bottom line , what is really important to you ?

The acquisition of material rewards how important is this to you ?

Do you need to value yourself by the standards of others ?

Is it any of your business what others think of you ?
Why do you let it bother you ?
Do their opinions really count and define who you are ?

Have you given your power away to others ?
Do you need approval from others , like fathers and mothers ?

What beliefs do you have that are not yours but thrust upon you ?

What makes you smile , remember it !
What makes you laugh out loud ?

It is All about the Mind and how You use it.

It is all about the mind and how You use it.

To conquer our fears which are thoughts you have to look at how your mind is working.
Look at what and how you think , your trains of thought , the deceptions, the untruths.
Resistance to anything you wish to do comes from the mind , your thoughts , your worries, 'what if ' , 'what will people think' .
You have choice as to how you think .
You have choice as to what you pay attention to .
You have choice as to what you think .
You have choice to disregard those beliefs that no longer are helpful and down right hinder you.
Every thing we do begins with thoughts.
We overthink .
You only need to think something once , not keep turning it over in your mind .
Once you have thought a thought the next step is to bring here the creative desire of the thought.
Be aware of how and what you think .
This is how humanity will raise its consciousness .
It's all about the mind.

Robina Hearle

Mindfulness Becomes your way of life .

Mindfulness becomes your way of Life .

Once you begin on your journey of becoming mindful it becomes a way of life.
The more you switch your awareness to the Now in everything you do , the easier it becomes .
You could say it is a skill.
It is to be practised every day , like every new skill you teach your brain the pathway.
The pathway becomes a well used road that you are easily able to access.
Begin small , be aware of yourself brushing your teeth, or brushing your hair , do this daily.
Be in the present moment washing up , feeling, seeing hearing smelling on the job in hand.
There are so many small everyday occasions that you can be fully present with
The eventual goal is to be mindful all day , every day.
Do not try to run before you can walk you will get frustrated with yourself.
You can begin to feel yourself pulling yourself back into the present when you have skipped out of it.
Watch and focus on your thinking, discipline yourself not to over think unnecessarily.
Watch your feelings and why they arise.
Feel the quietness and inner peace .
Enjoy your journey.

Who are we ? And what do we do ?

Who are we and what do we do ?
We do not give ourselves labels.
We tend to say we help with many types of problems with the help of the Energy of The White Crystal Light , Spirit Healing teams and The Rose Cottage Flower Essences .
I was pondering this today how the public may wish for a definition to help them to understand what we do.
Unfolding Enlightenment as a therapy is a form of psychotherapy with energetic tools. A Spiritual Psychologist.
You often need energy to shift energy especially if it is deep with in you , long held and part of family holograms , beliefs addictions and obsessions.
We are happy to treat children, teenagers as well as adults.
Unfolding Enlightenment is also a path to self realisation , mindfulness and personal growth. The self awareness of Enlightenment , a spiritual path , this self questioning often brings up unresolved issues from this and past lives.
Please do contact us and tell us your issues or how we can help you explore yourself .