Happy Clappy Spiritual bubbles

When you come to the realisation that your soul is aeons old and that you are having a journey as a spirit of this lifetime here , then a huge set of concepts and questions present themselves .

It means of course that you may not have always incarnated on earth .

It means you may have lived on other planets

It means you may not have incarnated at all for long periods of time .

It means you have a huge history to explore of yourself as this vast consciousness.

Spiritual is not the happy clappy bubble that many would have us believe.

It is a growth of awareness , and realisation of truths …leading to a rise in Vibrational frequency , and an ever expanding consciousness.

Some of the truths of the multi verses are not comfortable to know, if you are not ready to hear them . That’s okay

Truth has frequency, the higher your frequency , the higher truths you can take on board .

Chronic Pain , consciousness , mindfulness and help .

Physical pain , that is constant or intermittent has many affects on our emotional mental and spiritual well being.

Daily Frustration, depression , anger , despair , hopelessness , misery.

Feelings of loss of expectations and a life different to what has occurred.

Feelings of being bereft , ignored , not listened to and being misunderstood.

Being fed up with yourself .

Constant drug therapy diminishes awareness and spiritual perspectives.

Consciousness becomes very sluggish and static.

Not being able to evolve or move forward , grow as people , becoming locked in a prison of daily pains become the norm for many.

Does some of what I say mean something to you ?

Have you thought about trying something different , all you need is the will and I can show you the way !

Guided Meditations and Mindfulness and Focus .

This is about using your brain in a different way , by using the helpful brainwaves you already have that need some prompting to come to the fore.

On your part you need to decide to dedicate some time and persistence to this new way of Being .

Everyone can do this.

Many pain management clinics now recommend mindfulness training to help , so it’s become mainstream rather than alternative thinking.

Robina Hearle .

The Hologram of false beliefs that we have been brainwashed with .

There are many false truths, false beliefs , false stories , false ideas that have taken root in our world .

All of them are about our belief we have rights and sovereignty over all the other beings on the planet

That we can do as we like , that we are fully justified in our use and abuse of all resources on the the planet .

In fact we have been brainwashed into thinking these things .

Humanity has become savage , inhumane and cruel because of the judgement we have made that we are superior .

We have a false belief that we have entitlement to kill, maim , experiment on , other creatures that we reside beside .

A false belief that animals birds, fish , plants do not feel emotions, pain or have no souls.

We have a false belief that it is fine to plunder and steal from the planet . Crystals are a point in fact as well as all,other mineral resources .

Man has much reparation to make .

The layers of false assertions, beliefs , ideas, thoughts have become ingrained like an operating system , a hologram from which humanity has great difficulty breaking free from .

It’s compounded by money, materialism and the need for possessions.

The greater story of Unfolding Enlightenment.

Since 2002 we have been given information, teachings from The Great White Brotherhood , we tend to call them spirit healing teams .

They have enabled us to produce Unfolding Enlightenment, a step by step process of Soul healing , soul chain and soul seed going back to Source .

People who take up this work do so as a life long commitment, to self healing and world healing and beyond .

A deep understanding of yourself is what results and a removal of your issues and problems as you work on them .

The metaphysical knowledge of a high Cali restaurant is open to all , as your frequency rises as so does your consciousness.

Shameless Plug ! Guided Meditation Cds or memory sticks

My sister Sue Stothard have been busy again we have added to the two Cds already on the website .

A big thank you to a brilliant sound Engineer Andrew Heasman

We now have a new adult Guided Meditation cd and memory stick by sister Sue.

I have produced two Guided Meditation Cds for children . Children for 6years onwards .

There is an option for memory sticks for all.

So do you need to deeply relax ? Switch off , have some me time ? Help with sleeping ? Learn to focus and be mindful ?

Do your children need to learn to slow down , concentrate, be aware, need their imaginations firing , need to sleep better , unwind , learn to focus ? Perhaps one of these may be a great help.

Contact me or go through the website , they will be loaded in the next few days .


Trivia does it fill up your mind ? 

I was reading one of the Saturday papers whilst on holiday, as my husband likes to have a read of them.

We do not do this at home .

What struck me the most was the amount of mindless trivia that invaded my brain from what was written.

How much do we clog up our thinking with rubbish and drivel ? 

Celebrity gossip, false news , speculation, fear mongering, blatant lies .

We are bombarded with it . 

I never bother to know names of pop people ,actors or bands or the names of films or books or authors to me its unnecessary junk knowledge.

Our bodies respond to our thoughts and emotions, unnecessarily when its faced with trivia. 

Well informed research on subjects is a different matter, and may well be worth catching your attention.

Rest your mind , your emotions , slow down , unwind and perhaps watch what trivia  steals you away from your inner peace.

Mindfulness thinking …Self Realisation.

Do you need to compete with your neighbours , work colleagues or family ?
If so ask yourself why.

Is your goal monetary in life or happiness ?
What is the bottom line , what is really important to you ?

The acquisition of material rewards how important is this to you ?

Do you need to value yourself by the standards of others ?

Is it any of your business what others think of you ?
Why do you let it bother you ?
Do their opinions really count and define who you are ?

Have you given your power away to others ?
Do you need approval from others , like fathers and mothers ?

What beliefs do you have that are not yours but thrust upon you ?

What makes you smile , remember it !
What makes you laugh out loud ?