A Tale of Two Illusions

A little tale of Illusions

Once upon a time there was a young girl called Penny who lived in a special village. This village was special because all the people helped each other and worked together to keep the village a special place. In the village there was no malice, jealousy, anger, violence, no negativity or hatred. Food was abundant and plentiful and everyone shared. Everyone got along and rejoiced in their good fortune living in such a blessed place, little realising that it was a blessed place because of the people.

Beyond the village was a dark wood and Penny was told never to go beyond the edge of the wood because it wasn’t protected by the village. Being an obedient girl Penny did as she was told. However, one day her pet parrot flew into the wood. Now she loved her parrot and so, thinking she would be very quick, she crossed the boundary and followed her parrot into the deep dark wood.

She walked for ages and eventually came to a derelict cottage with bars at the windows and a garden overgrown with brambles ands bushes and trees. As Penny walked up the path the door opened and a little old lady with white hair and a cheery face came out. Penny asked the old lady if she had seen her parrot ..

’ No’ was the reply.

The old lady invites Penny inside to see inside her beautiful cottage and to have a biscuit and a drink. Rather doubtfully Penny goes inside and just for a moment sees a derelict cottage with no fire or lights and bars at the windows and a dead cat by the hearth. She ask the little old lady If she is ok and can she help her .

The little old lady replies that she is perfectly happy with her beautiful cosy cottage, she has all she needs, water in the well, food in her beautiful garden, her loving pet cat and her wonderful blind and deaf husband that she cares for and loves. As she describes it Penny sees it just as the old lady describes it but because she is a wise girl, she realises it is all an illusion and that the old lady can’t see the truth of her life or the derelict cottage or the bars at the windows keeping her there.

She thanks the little old lady, says goodbye and leaves. As she returns along the path her parrot is waiting for her and she asks him why he went there. He says that he wanted her to see the little old lady because so many people in the world live in an illusion just like that.

Sue Stothard

December 2018

Being by Yourself 

Being by Yourself. 

It’s okay to be a loner. 

It’s okay to want to spend periods of time by yourself .

It’s helps tremendously if you like yourself or even love yourself .

Some loners are great thinkers . They may not realise a need for social interaction because they are quite happy on their own.
There are many different reasons why people do go off alone. Some of the reasons are not so positive and create a rift that becomes difficult to cross.

They may not be able to stand other people,s company the chit chat.

They may feel they are an outcast . They may make themselves an outcast .

They may feel they have never been understood . 

They may have social anxiety.

They may feel they are different  

They may feel they do not fit in.

It may be they cannot communicate with others very well , have no social skills .

It may be they have always been bullied .

It may be they are just shy , have no confidence .

It may be that you are depressed .
So if any of the above apply to you and you want to address the issue how are you going to go about it.

The first thing is to set the intention to help yourself. Be clear in your thoughts .

The second thing to do is brainstorm on a piece of appear all the reasons why you feel cut off and alone ? Where did it come from ? How did it start ?. Who was involved ? What happened in my childhood ? 

No one says this is easy , but look at your reasons and address them one by one.

Now where are you going to seek help ? 
   However of you are happy being alone , there is nothing wrong in this, do not let others spoil your peace and tranquility.
Robina Hearle … http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com